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Do you want to get your business noticed? The voyage to distinction begins with exceptional content! At Captain Words, we chart your course with world-class multilingual content writing and translation services that will elevate your brand above the sea of competitors. Partner with us, and set sail towards success without the worry of overstepping your budget.

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Charting the course for superior content creation.

For years, we’ve been fine-tuning our content creation and translation services, much like a skilled crew perfects its sea navigation techniques. Our global team, comprised of SEO and topical experts, is ready to navigate you through the entire content creation journey, from the initial idea to the final draft.

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Tailored content creation services.

Is your content not meeting your goals? Do you need to boost authority or increase reach? Whatever your goals, our crew of writers, adept in crafting optimized written copy, can help you achieve them! Our diverse team from all corners of the globe is equipped to produce optimized content in over 60 languages.

Facing rough waters in your specific industry? Our crew of over 100+ industry experts can tackle any topic. Beyond crafting content, we offer a fleet of services, including keyword and topical research, SEO optimization, meticulous editing, and publication at any scale.

Expert localization services.

Do you want to reach your clients anywhere and in any language? Whether you’re venturing into new market territories or just want to update your content for a niche group, our localization services can meet your needs. We go beyond mere translation, ensuring your content is not just translated but also culturally attuned, complete with location-specific keyword and topical research.

For translation services, we’re your reliable deckhands, ready to translate or produce original content in more than 60 languages. We delve deep into structural localization, ensuring your content truly resonates in each market.  

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Meticulous editing services.

You need to be confident that your content will be free from any mistakes, grammatical and factual alike. Mistakes and errors can damage your reputation with clients. That’s why our editors, like vigilant lookouts, ensure your content sails smoothly towards its destination. They rigorously check for grammatical precision and ensure the content aligns with and exceeds your audience’s expectations.

But we don’t just stop at corrections. Our editors verify the facts, ensuring your content is not only grammatically sound but also factually impeccable, boosting your authority and expertise amongst your readers. Apart from mere corrections, our strong team of editors also go the extra mile by verifying the facts in the article. 

Discover our wide ranging expertise!

 At Captain Words, we understand its significance for your rankings and reputation, and are proud to serve as your lighthouse of expertise. Whether you want to boost your SERP rank, authority, or brand reputation, we’ve assembled a knowledgeable crew skilled in a variety of industries to help you do just that. Here’s a glimpse of our popular industry-specific services:

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Why choose Captain Words?

Captain Words has charted the waters of content for several years, mastering the art of content creation, localization, and translation. Our journey has equipped us to cater to a diverse array of clients across various industries, ensuring no horizon is beyond our reach.

We’re proud to offer superior content creation services that won’t require you to empty your treasure chest. Our commitment to affordability, without compromising on quality, has cemented lasting relationships with numerous clients. At the helm, we have a global crew of expert writers, editors, and project managers, dedicated to maintaining our high standards and consistently delivering content that makes waves in quality and impact.

Latest news and resources.

Over the years we’ve gathered a treasure trove of knowledge related to content creation, spanning diverse industries and shores far and wide. We’d love to share these rich insights with you. Set sail with us towards our blog, where more helpful information awaits.

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