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Do you want to drive more traffic to your site through high-quality content? Captain Words offers the services you need!

We offer SEO content in 60+ language, crafted by native speakers and topical experts. Our global team provides an end-to-end content writing services, from research to execution and publishing. Contact us to find out how we can cover all your content needs!

Captain Words Content writing services Agency

Get content in 60+ languages

Wherever your audience, whatever the language, we have content writers and editors with the expertise you need.

One point of contact

We strive to provide hassle-free content services. That's why you get a dedicated account manager to oversee your project.

End-to-end content services

We provide a range of content services, from keyword research and writing to SEO optimization and publishing.

Quality customer service

We care about your success. That's why we always put your needs first - we want to meet and exceed your expectations.

Topical experts across industries

Our team of writers, editors, and translators are topical experts in over 100+ industries.

Get expert advice

We always stay updated on the latest content and SEO trends, allowing us to offer our clients true expert advice.

We provide a variety of content writing and related services

Captain Words provides content and related services in over 60 languages and dialects from around the world. Most importantly, our clients have a dedicated account manager – a single point of contact to ensure your projects are always in the best hands.

Affiliate Content

Expertly crafted affiliate content that drives sales.
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Web content

Tell your brand's story with well-written, on-brand content.
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Game Content & Scripts

Reviews, guides, articles, scripts, and more.
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Multilingual Copy

Accurate content in over 60 languages.
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Technical Writing

Expertly written technical documents and reports.
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Blog Posts

Blog posts that draws visitors to your website.
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iGaming Content

Reviews, casino and betting articles, and more.
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Proof and Edit

Review content to fix mistakes and enhance the quality.
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White Papers

Educational, informative, or evidence-based papers.
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Creative stories or professional ebooks to showcase expertise.
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Well-written informative articles on any topic.
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Ecommerce Content

Compelling product descriptions that drive sales.
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Landing Pages

Pages designed to convert visitors into leads.
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Infographics and Visuals

Infographics, videos, and images for any occasion.
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Translate & Localize

Translate any content into a language or dialect you need.
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SEO Content

Top-quality content that ranks high in SERPs.
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Connect with your audience through our newsletters.
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Social Media

Short, catchy SM posts that drive audience engagement.
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Accurate transcription of videos or audio files.
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Managed Services

Keyword research, content planning, publishing, and more.
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Stories from our clients

Built for business

Our powerful and flexible content writing solutions are built for businesses just like yours! Our amazing, expert team uses industry-leading tools to tailor our solutions to fit to your needs.


Whether you own an online store or work through a multi-vendor website, we craft product descriptions to help you sell!
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Whatever your niche, we provide publish-ready content on any topic or industry so that you can focus on your business.
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We're proud to have several topic experts on our writing team! Whatever your clients need, we can provide content at scale.
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Partner with us to get optimized on-brand content. We can help you scale your content exponentially!
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Latest news and resources

Are you interested in the latest content industry trends? Do you want to start your own blog or are you looking for content creation advice? Our resources section contains all the information and insights you need to understand content, copywriting, search engine optimization, and more!

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