Fueling Customer Loyalty: Tips for After-Sale Content Marketing in the Automotive Industry

Content Marketing Tips for Automotive After-Sale Services

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Is after-sale content marketing relevant in the automotive industry? Most automotive brands already understand the value of content marketing for attracting new customers and guiding them along their buying journey. But what happens after the deal is made and the sale is completed? Once the client drives off the lot in their new car, does that signify the end of their journey? It doesn’t have to. After-sale content marketing is a great way to continue building customer loyalty. Loyal clients will keep coming back and they’ll also refer other people. 

In this article we’ll be taking a look at how brands in the automotive industry can leverage after-sale content marketing to build customer loyalty. Keeping existing customers loyal is easier, and more affordable, than attracting new ones and starting the entire process from scratch. With existing customers, you already have a rapport and this relationship is much easier to build on, than starting a new one. 

Automotive After Sales Service Market Size And Forecast
A screenshot demonstrating the value of after sale services. Source: Verified Market Research

Understanding After-Sales Services in the Automotive Industry

Creating a positive buying experience is essential for building customer loyalty. For example, if you’re buying your first car you’re probably visiting a few dealerships. Say the one dealership had staff that made you feel welcome and took the time to explain everything to you. However, at the next dealership the staff were aloof and made you feel ignored. Which brand would you support? And when the time comes to buy another car, where would your journey start?

While this is just the start of the buyer’s journey, it demonstrates how crucial interactions with your customer are. If you’re able to continue to build on that relationship even after the sale has been concluded it increases your chances of the client returning for additional services or products. Studies show that attracting a new customer costs five times more than retaining an existing one. Retaining customers lead to increased revenue and reduced marketing costs.

After sale support image Investopedia
A screenshot explaining what after-sale services are. Source: Investopedia

So, what exactly are after sales services in the automotive industry that you can leverage through content marketing? The strategies that you choose will depend on your unique business offerings. Does your dealership also offer car maintenance services? Perhaps you have additional products that might improve the buyers driving experience? In most cases the after sales services offered by the automotive industry can include selling spare parts, car services and maintenance, and customer care. 

However, a dealership’s after-sale services don’t have to be limited only to these aspects. It could include any activities offered to ensure customer satisfaction after the sale is completed. Here are a few automotive after-sale services that can be included: 

  • Warranty information and extended warranties
  • Vehicle or service training
  • Repairs of upgraded offers
  • Return and exchange policies
  • Automated support resources
  • Special offers and promotions
  • Holiday, birthday, or anniversary messages

The Power of After-Sale Content Marketing

It’s important for brands to understand that the buyer’s journey doesn’t end once they drive off the sales lot. After a client buys a new car they may still have some questions. Or perhaps they’re so impressed with their new vehicle that they want to invest in additional services to ensure it stays in top condition. Thinking about the users potential needs after the sale can lead to valuable after sale services that can be leveraged to increase brand loyalty and sales.

After-sales content marketing adds to the value that brands offer their clients. It can also help them solve any problems or navigate how to use a product or service once purchased. After-sale content marketing also improves the customers impression of the brand by communicating that the brand doesn’t only value making sales. Instead, it demonstrates that the brand values support and delivery as equally important to making a sale.

So, what type of content works best when leveraging after-sales services. Obviously, the focus of the content will have to change from being sales-focused to more customer-centric. After-sales content needs to provide more value to existing customers. A few types of content that works well for after-sales marketing include:

  • Automated support and FAQs
  • News-worthy and thought-leading articles
  • Personalized promotions and messages
  • Simple fixes for common issues
  • Tips and recommendations
  • Guides and walk-throughs
  • Newsletters
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Content Marketing Strategies for Fueling Customer Loyalty

Now that we have a better understanding of the value of after-sale content marketing and what it entails. Let’s start considering the strategies that can be implemented to boost customer loyalty.

Personalized Messages

One simple strategy that goes a long way in building customer loyalty is utilizing personalized messages. When a brand remembers important dates such as a customer’s birthday, or the anniversary date when they bought their car, it demonstrates that the brand cares about the client. Consider what type of personalized messages you want to send and keep in mind not to overwhelm the client. Sending too many messages can start to feel spammy. 

A few good ideas is to send personalized messages on the client’s birthday, a special holiday, or on the anniversary date of their first purchase. By personalizing these messages you can make the client feel valued. 

Cross-Sell Paired Services or Products

Don’t be afraid to use your existing relationship to cross sell paired services to customers. While most after-sale content marketing doesn’t take a sale-driven approach, that doesn’t mean you need to completely stop trying to make a sale. In this case, you already have rapport with the client which makes it easier to recommend additional products or services without sounding overly salesy.

You already have the purchase history of the client. This makes it much easier to identify additional products or services that will add more value to their driving experience. This can range from warranties to new tires to new technology they can use while driving. 

Provide Training and Problem-Solving Materials

There are several issues and problems that can arise when buying a new car. How to change a flat tire or when to replace the oil are just a few examples of common questions that might arise. There are also more complex issues such as trouble with the car battery or jump starting a dead car. By having easy-to-follow resources, such as FAQs, available on these common questions can go a long way in building a strong relationship with existing clients.

Apart from that, you might also want to include more specific resources related to individual car models that can give those users more specific information on the car they buy. If a car has some advanced futures, or functions not commonly available, you might also consider providing some basic training to help the client familiarize themselves with the vehicle before they drive off the lot. 

You can even consider utilizing video-based content for some of these topics. A quick 5-minute video of jumpstarting a car not only provides value to your clients, but can also generate new leads. Similarly, a video that explains how to check the balance of your tires can prove equally useful to existing clients.

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Offer Support Services

Support is one of the most valuable after-sale services any business can offer. When thinking about support, many of us tend to think about call centers where you wait on the line until someone is available to assist you. However, these days there are many more support options available that businesses can offer. These range from calls, in-person support, live chat through the website, and even through apps.

By offering your existing clients numerous options to get help when they need it you demonstrate how important your relationship is beyond just the sale. People prefer to communicate in different ways. Some want to speak to a real person, whereas others prefer email or messages via a live chat portal. Once you’ve decided on what options you want to offer, make sure your clients are aware of it. Utilize your website and various social platforms to let clients know how they can reach you.

Seek Feedback

The best way to improve your services is to know where the shortcomings are. Who better to tell you about any areas that need improvement than your clients who have already gone through the buying process? Businesses should never be afraid of feedback and view it as a tool for growth. Reach out to your clients and ask them for feedback through surveys or reviews. 

Instead of only asking for feedback after a sale, consider following up a few months after the sale to find out if the client is still happy. This also gives your team an opportunity to identify any chances of upselling or cross-selling other products or services. 

Establish a Loyalty Program

The automotive industry is well known for its low purchasing frequency. Once a client buys a car it’s likely that it will be a few years before they consider buying another. This makes creating customer retention plans or consistent engagement a challenge. However, offering a customized automotive loyalty program is a great way to remedy this issue. 

There are a number of different loyalty programs that dealerships can consider. These include: 

  • Commitment based loyalty programs: Loyal clients receive discounts on future purchase.
  • Point-based loyalty programs: Customers earn points, usually through an app, when getting services at a participating brand. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future services.
  • Membership-based loyalty program: These types of programs don’t reward members with various rewards such as exclusive content, first-look at new arrivals, priority services and more.
  • Coalition-based loyalty program: This type of program involves a partnership between different brands who cooperate together to offer a better experience to clients. Points can be earned at any participating brand and then redeemed at any of the others.

Measuring Success of After-Sale Content Marketing

The only way to know whether your after-sales content marketing strategies are successful is to have concrete data. It’s essential to monitor how your strategies perform as this will give you an indication of whether they can continue, or if you need to change your approach. You’re probably already using certain metrics to measure the success of your overall content marketing strategy. These can include monitoring traffic, leads, sales, engagement and more. 

Most of these metrics can also be used to measure the success of your after sale strategies. For example, if you have a resources section on your website that hosts your FAQs, guides, etc. You can monitor the page views to see if that strategy is effective. If you decide to utilize video-based content that’s shared on social media, you can consider the views and engagement for each video related to after-sales services to see how well they’re performing.

The important part of measuring your success is to decide what type of content marketing you’ll be using, and what metrics will help you monitor each type. Planning your strategy and how you’ll consider it a success or failure is essential when implementing any content marketing technique. It might take some trial-and-error for your brand to identify the best after-sale content marketing strategies that resonate with your clients.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing plays an important role throughout the buying experience of clients. However, you can boost customer loyalty and increase sales if you also focus on after-sale services. By continually building your relationship through after-sale content marketing, you can increase your chances of future sales.

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