AI Detection Tools – Deep Dive Into Originality.AI

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AI Detection Tools - Deep Dive Into Originality.AI

AI tools are becoming increasingly popular across many different industries. While many of these sectors are benefiting from these tools, certain areas, such as content creation, aren’t sharing the same joy. While these tools can be a great source of inspiration, and can be very beneficial in the planning process, there are certain instances where they’re more detrimental. For example, when students use AI to write their term papers, or when content agencies charge clients for work produced by an AI generator.

AI detection tools have been developed to help identify the uses of AI in written content. Originality.AI is a popular tool in the content creation industry. As a content agency, we’ve worked with numerous clients that utilize Originality.AI to test all the submitted articles. Upon further research, we also found that Originality.AI comes highly recommended in multiple best-of articles covering AI detection tools. This just confirmed that Originality.AI had to be a part of our initial test of the accuracy and reliability of these tools.

Originality.AI Logo

Overview of Originality.AI

Originality.AI positions itself as one of the premium AI solutions that cater to web publishers, content marketers, and writers. As such, the tool doesn’t only offer AI detection, but other tools that individuals within the content creation industry might find useful. These tools include fact-checking aids, plagiarism checkers, and a readability score checker. 

The tool claims to be effective at detecting AI content accurately when generated by some of the most popular large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, Claude, and Google Bard (now known as Gemini). To support this, Originality.AI conducted and posted their own test and review.

Originality.AI uses natural language processing techniques in its algorithm when checking for AI content. The developers state that by incorporating these processing techniques directly into their algorithm they can get more accurate results. However, this also takes more processing speed, which means the tool can sometimes be a little slower to give results when compared to competitors. This is especially true for longer articles. The developers also give this as the reason why there’s no free or ad-supported version of the tool.

One of the very useful features we saw when testing Originality.AI was the Chrome extension. This useful browser add-on offers a ‘Watch the writer write’ feature. This enables writers to use the tool to prove that their work was written by a human. There are so many different AI detection tools available, and the reliability of these tools is being heavily disputed. It’s nice to see a feature that helps writers protect their integrity by providing a way to prove they wrote the article themselves.

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Key Features of Originality.AI

Originality.AI is focused on providing web publishers, content marketing agencies, and writers with all the tools they need to produce high-quality articles. The team at Originality.AI believe that there is a place for generative AI models if used appropriately and alongside a tool like theirs to produce balanced and original content. Let’s take a look at some of the features that Originality.AI offers their users.

AI Checker

The Originality.AI checker scans content for any uses of AI. It then produces a percentage score so that the user can understand just how much of the content reads like AI. The tool also gives a sentence by sentence breakdown to show which areas of the text are likely to be picked up as AI generated so that they can be amended. 

The AI detector also features some impressive security and team management options. You can assign team members to specific projects and set how much access they have. The encryption also offers more security to ensure your projects are stored securely. Finally, the tool also generates and stores reports for each piece of content scanned. This ensures more transparency when producing work.

Fact Checker

Web publishers understand how crucial it is that any facts in content be verified and correct. However, sometimes facts can be misrepresented. Also, if you use generative AI during the planning, research, or even writing process, there’s a chance that AI hallucination can creep into your work. Originality.AI is able to check and verify any facts and provide supporting data to help ensure you don’t accidentally post any incorrect or misleading information. 

This feature is also easy to use. All you do is paste the fact you want to check and let the tool run. It can take up to 20 seconds for the tool to return the results. When you receive your results, it will tell you whether the claim is potentially true or false. Right after the determination you’ll also receive an explanation of why the result is true or false with source links you can use to verify or substantiate your facts.

Originality.AI Fact Checker
A screenshot of the Originality.AI fact checker.

Plagiarism Checker

Delivering 100% original work also means providing work that’s free of plagiarism. Plagiarism has evolved over the years. It’s no longer simply copying and pasting content verbatim. It has become much more nuanced. For example, instead of merely copying text verbatim, it can be paraphrased to avoid being labeled as direct or complete plagiarism, but it’s still plagiarized. Or it can be even more subtle, such as plagiarized work being woven into a writer’s original work in such a way that it’s barely recognizable as plagiarism.

Originality.AI offers a plagiarism checker that understands these nuances and is able to detect varying types of content appropriation. These include patchwork, unintentional, and mosaic plagiarism. By storing your various documents on the tool itself, you can also avoid instances of self-plagiarism or boilerplating.

Readability Checker

Ensuring that your message is clear and more accessible for your audience is essential to web publishers, content marketers, and writers. This tool offers a powerful readability checker that analyzes your content to ensure your readers will be able to understand it. This tool doesn’t only rely on a single readability metric, but combines multiple ones into a single tool to ensure that your content is ideal for your targeted audience.

Some of the readability models included in Originality.AI are Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, the Automated readability Index, the Coleman Liau Index, Gunning Fox, and more.

Chrome Extension

Originality.AI also offers a very useful Chrome extension. By activating this add-on in your browser you’ll have additional features at your fingertips. One we found very useful is the ‘watch a writer write’ feature. This feature records the entire writing process and is able to play it back. This can help writers prove their articles are human written as the entire writing process is documented.

The tool will also provide more insights into the writer’s activity. This includes how long they were writing and how many words or characters were written. The Chrome extension also enables users to check their work immediately as they’re writing, or even run scans on websites to check for AI.

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Originality.AI doesn’t offer a free version of their tool due to the robustness of their algorithm. This is something they make very transparent on their website. Despite not having a free, or ad-supported version, they do offer users three free scans up to 300 words. This is so that users can get a feel for the tool before signing up for a paid package.

Their paid plans start at a reasonable price when compared to competitors. On the base subscription you have a limit of 2000 credits per month. You can scan approximately 100 words for plagiarism and AI with one credit. Fact checking requires more credits. With one credit you can fact check approximately 10 words. If you run out of credits and need more, you can simply top up and continue your scanning.

Originality.AI also offers a Pay-as-You-Go option which is geared towards short-term users. This package is slightly more expensive than the base subscription and comes with 3000 credits that only expire after two years. 

Results of the Test

To conduct this test, we decided not to rely on existing data sets. Instead, we created our own in order to ensure no inaccuracies or biases creep into the results. Our testing methodology was carefully planned and set up to ensure that when we test various AI detectors, the results would be fair.

Our dataset consists of human written articles created by our very own writers. These articles vary in the complexity of the topic. Also, none of them were put through an AI detector and adapted before being used in this test. Then we also had a batch of 100% AI generated content using ChatGPT. Finally, we also used a batch of AI generated and human edited articles. Once again, no AI detectors were used during the editing process to ensure consistent results.

Let’s see how Originality.AI performed in our independent test.

Originality.AI Detector
A screenshot showing the AI detector in action.


The accuracy score in our testing methodology represents the number of predictions that were identified correctly. Currently, no AI detection can claim a 100% accuracy. However, it’s important to know that this score on its own is not a good way to assess the overall reliability of the tool. This is why you might find tools that boast an impressive 98% accuracy, but when you start using it on your own work, you notice inaccuracies.

In our test Originality.AI identified most instances correctly which led to a decent accuracy score. Despite the relatively good accuracy score, there were still a few false positives. Unlike some of the competitors, the false positives weren’t related to specific complexities in the content, but occurred across the board.

Originality.AI had an accuracy score of 83.33%.

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The precision metric calculates the number of true positives in relation to the total number of correct predictions. The higher the precision score an AI detection tool gets, the fewer false positives were identified. When it came to precision, Originality.AI stumbled a little bit in its score due to the number of false positives the tool identified. 

Originality.AI scored a precision score of 75% in our independent test.


When looking at recall, the metric focuses on how many false negatives the AI detector identified. This metric demonstrates how easy the tool is to bypass. In other words, how easy is it for AI generated content to be identified as human content? This can show a weakness in the tools ability to accurately identify content when paraphrasing and humanizers are used. In the case of Originality.AI, the tool performed very well and didn’t have any false negatives.

Originality.AI scores a 100% recall in our independent test.


The F1-score is one of the most important metrics when it comes to testing AI detection tools. The F1-score takes all of the above metrics into account and provides a balanced overview of the true reliability of the tool. It’s also useful when evaluating multiple tools as it gives us a way to rank them according to their true efficacy.

Originality.AI had an F1-score of 85.71%

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Originality.AI


  • Fairly accurate
  • Affordable when compared to top competitors
  • Chrome extension is useful for supporting human-written work against false positives
  • Can check entire sites for AI with Chrome extension
  • Includes readability, fact, and plagiarism checker


  • Only three free scans up to 300 words
  • Tool took a little longer to give results than top competitors
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Our Opinion on Originality.AI

Throughout our test Originality.AI performed well. Its overall reliability was enough to land it in the top rankings for AI detection tools in our test. This demonstrates that the tool is fairly accurate to use, and can make it a good addition when used in conjunction with other measures to detect AI.

Furthermore, the fact that the tool has a feature that enables content creators to prove that their work is human-written is very valuable. In an industry where your work can be questioned at any time for the use of AI due to the varying reliability of detection tools, it’s nice to see a developer actively providing a way for writers to prevent false accusations.

The other features such as the plagiarism, fact, and readability checkers are also well suited to their target market. These tools can have many benefits to anyone creating or managing content. 

That being said, the results did leave some space for error. Too much so for us to feel this tool can be used on its own to detect AI. Unfortunately, we have yet to come across an AI detection tool that’s accurate enough for us to say it can be used without any additional evaluation measures.

Final Thoughts

The accuracy and reliability of AI detection tools is in question. So far, these tools haven’t yet demonstrated that they are reliable for picking up instances of AI generated content. This feeling has been corroborated by news reports echoing this sentiment across numerous industries, in particular the education sector. These tools still have an important role to play as we all learn more about AI content, its creation, and the effects it can have. The industry will benefit greatly from these tools once their reliability is improved.

For content that’s guaranteed to be high-quality and human written, make sure to reach out to a reputable content creation agency. Reach out to us to discover how we can assist you in content creation free from AI.

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