Effective Amazon Content Writing: A Quick Guide

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Amazon content writing

The transition to doing business online is becoming our reality, especially after the global pandemic disturbed our everyday lives. More people are hitting online stores and marketplaces for their purchases, which has a dual effect on the retailers.

On the one hand, more customers on a platform increase your chances of selling your product. On the other, as more sellers have shifted to online spaces, competition has become fiercer. The effects are most evident on massive retailer platforms such as Amazon

As a result, you have to compete against millions of sellers to help customers even see your product. This is where Amazon content writing comes in to play.

One game-changer that could support you is a well-planned SEO strategy backed with optimized e-commerce content. Search engine optimization isn’t only for big companies competing for Google rankings. Creating strategic product descriptions helps you to boost your product’s visibility in the virtual marketplace.

This quick guide on Amazon content writing will help you grasp the basics.

Amazon content writing

The A9 Algorithm

With the extensive volume of listings on Amazon, the platform has to implement a principle to sift through them so it can bring value to the shoppers. They use A9 optimization algorithm

By learning which factors are in play for your rating, you’re already miles ahead of the competition. The following criteria are the most relevant when it comes to Amazon content writing:

  • Product title. A9 needs to spot your item’s category, name, manufacturer, variation, capacity, and educational keywords.
  • Product description. You need to include enough specifications, with all the related details included. Ideally, you’ll also use bullet points.
  • Photographs. Amazon sets a standard for merchandise photographs, and A9 can check whether you’re meeting the guidelines.
  • Rankings. Here, A9 checks the average of all 5-star evaluations, the number of reviews, and their quality. 
  • Product availability. Amazon won’t show products that aren’t in stock.
  • Enhanced brand content. If you’re using this service, the algorithm will favor your listings.

Moreover, A9 uses a principle similar to the one YouTube implemented for gauging listing value. The click-to-sales rates, showing how many people clicked on your product and went on to buy it, determines your page’s relevancy.

Amazon content writing

Product Listing Anatomy

You have to get every part of the listing right in your Amazon content writing for maximum profitability. Let’s break it down into segments so you can see which factors require your focus. 

The Title

Amazon allows titles up to 200 characters long. You have to fit all features and keywords from the list above in the field, while also making it stand out from an abundance of similar titles. 

When it comes to formatting for your Amazon content writing, check the website’s suggestions for each category.

Bullet Points

You can place up to five bullet points next to the merchandise photos, which is the most prominent part of your listing. Highlight the central, product-specific factors and leave out unnecessary elements such as company information.

Product Description

This segment stands at the bottom of the listing and serves to provide shoppers with bits of extra information. 

Here, use full sentences with proper grammar and punctuation. Try to avoid promotional language – the buyers can find the price, discount, and free shipping on the page, and it doesn’t leave a good impression.


People will find products that contain the search terms they used while browsing. The title and bullet points are essential in your Amazon content writing, but using hidden keywords that describe additional features can further improve your rankings. 

Amazon grants you up to five 250-character fields where you can supply hidden keywords. If you get it right, they help your listing pop up even when people haven’t specifically searched for a term in the title. 

The best way to find these is through Amazon-specific data. Take a look at lists of similar product details, check out the Search Terms Report, and read the reviews from real customers.

A9 will rank hidden keywords, too. The following pointers could make them even more useful in your Amazon content writing:

  • Hyphenate. The algorithm will consider all combinations of words in a hyphenated structure. So, if you say ‘rain-fly tent,’ your listing will show up for shoppers who searched ‘rain’ or ‘fly,’ too.
  • Don’t stuff keywords. A9 doesn’t take the number of times a keyword appears into account. Focus on adding as many as possible instead of repeating one.
Amazon content writing

Amazon Content Writing

Once you understand the underlying principles, it’s time to perform original Amazon content writing. 

Create a Customer Persona

Before you even begin writing your description, consider who your target customer is and what they get from your product. Read customer reviews on similar listings and be sure you are proactively addressing their concerns and highlighting features they’ll find meaningful.

Make It Engaging

Product descriptions aren’t the most gripping read, but you don’t want your customers to lose focus halfway through it. 

The best way you ensure they read it until the end is by organizing your content logically and putting relevant items in the limelight. Go through every sentence and consider whether the information in it brings value. Add a call to action in the end for bonus points.

Don’t Exaggerate

Amazon hinges on customer reviews. If you add lies or overdo your description I the Amazon content writing, somebody will point them out. It can significantly reduce all your other products’ credibility and even make A9 avoid showing your page. 

Follow the Guidelines

Apart from the title and image requirements, Amazon provides a list of comprehensive standards for its sellers. By adhering to those, you’ll make the page more representative of what the website tries to achieve, pushing your rankings upwards. 

Accuracy is an essential factor to consider, but not the only one. As a rule of thumb, always include relevant safety warnings, use inclusive, respectful language, and never solicit testimonials.

A+ Content

Finally, you could try A+ Content modules. All vendors and brand-registered third-party sellers can take advantage of this premium feature. It provides you with various tools to customize the product descriptions in your Amazon content writing and make them engaging, trustworthy, and authentic.

A study by Amazon shows that A+ increases conversion rates by 3%-10%, enhancing your ranking even further. It also lets you go more in-depth with your descriptions, which can reduce negative reviews.

In a Nutshell

Overall, it’s more than possible to climb your way to the top and consistently keep a spot there with effective Amazon content writing. All you need is the right strategy. 

Note, however, that this guide is a 101. It takes more research and trial-and-error to become proficient in these techniques and make the most of them. Study SEO strategies until you find those that work for you You’ll enjoy the edge over your competition in the long-term.

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