Why Businesses and Agencies Should Outsource Content Translation

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Professional content translation services can help you convey your message accurately, without anything getting lost in translation.

Translation tools and simple translation services are handy to have, but don’t provide a professional level of quality. Using a content translation service that excels in writing, translating, and localization provides high-quality results.

Outsourcing your business’s content translation is a quick and straightforward process. There are many benefits aside from a higher quality of translation provided by software alone. Outsourcing your translation and localization provides a deeper connection between the written words and your intended audience.

 We’ll answer the following questions throughout this article.

  • What Is Content Translation and Why Is It Important?
  • Why Should You Outsource Content Translation?
  • What Types Of Content Can You Outsource?
  • Are Content Translation Tools viable?

What Is Content Translation and Why Is It Important?

Content translation is the process of transcribing your written pieces into a foreign  language. These include items such as dialogue, websites, and other media. Many international companies with a global reach need translation and localization services. Without these, it’s possible to lose reach and influence, stalling the growth of your brand in the process.

Professional content translation services can help you convey your message accurately, without anything getting lost in translation.
Professional content translation services can help you convey your message accurately, without anything getting lost in translation.

Conveying Your Message

Accurate translations are an easy way to spot the dependability and effort made by any company. Having spelling or grammatical errors in any media impacts your image. As such, any in-accuracy in your message may lead to misunderstandings with your brand. This misunderstanding can happen with the smallest of issues.

Ensure you don’t have any mistakes with an advertisement, blog, information page, and other.

Global Recognition

You’ll need translation services if you’re looking to take your agency or business to other countries. You’ll struggle to gain traction and connect with a foreign audience without translation. Without having clear, understandable content, it’s possible for your brand to lose out on needed recognition.

Improved Market Penetration

The recognition you receive from having a global audience is crucial and, to penetrate these new markets effectively, you’ll need to focus on creating accurately translated content. Content translation helps people feel more familiar with you, and addressing a foreign audience in their native language can go a long way towards forging a bond. This process is what will build trust between you and the consumer.

Why Should You Outsource Content Translation? The Benefits of Outsourcing to a Professional Translation Service

Outsourcing your content translation needs is a quick and easy way to ensure your message. Professional translation services improve the SEO and reach of your content. This act relies upon localization and familiarity with the language.


Translation and localization go hand in hand when converting your content to a new language. Localization improves how well an audience will receive your page, product, or message, and it’s essential as it helps your business connect with the audience.

When it comes to content translation, localization is critical. It's the best way to speak to a specific local audience in a way that appeals to them.
When it comes to content translation, localization is critical. It’s the best way to speak to a specific local audience in a way that appeals to them.

Professional writing agencies are great at providing translation and localization services. Our writers are native-level speakers of the available languages we can translate.

Improved SEO

SEO is a vital part of any online presence, as you’ll need to have a localized optimization strategy in place to benefit from your multilingual content. In turn, Google will be more likely to show your new audience content from your website.

SEO uses keywords, similar searches, and other aspects to improve its relevance in any search’s results. SEO is vital for blog copywriting, where your content is often competing against  alternative websites.

Experienced Writers and Familiarity With the Language

Professional Translation and localization requires experienced writers with an in-depth understanding of a language, it’s nuances, local behavior, and SEO. Their expertise allows them to create content in such a way that it appeals to your audience while accurately portraying your desired message.

When it comes to content translation, incorrect phrases and even minor spelling mistakes can scare away users before you’re ever able to connect with them in a meaningful way. For example, if you were to import a product from a different country, you likely won’t have a lot of faith in the product if the manual is barely comprehensible.

Our writers are all native-level speakers of the language they translate. This aspect aids their ability to translate and localize your content.

Able to Work Through Large Quantities of Content

Due to the experience a professional translation service provides, you can trust them to deliver quality and quantity. Reliable service is ideal for quickly getting your articles, advertisements, games, and emails translated into other languages without the need to sacrifice on quality.

A professional service has many writers and translators under their employ. This army of experienced writers ensures that your content is translated thoroughly, efficiently, and quickly. Outsourcing your content translation can save you both time and money and improve the overall quality of the outgoing piece if you know how to find the best content translation services on the market.

Types Of Content You Can Outsource

You can outsource the translation of almost any written item. These go to a professional translation and localization agency. The items range from dialogue and interactions for video games, translations for a website, and sharing social media posts seen by users worldwide.

Websites and Blogs

Websites and blogs are some of the most shared content options. If you want your site to get seen by users worldwide, you’ll need to find the most common languages spoken by your readers.  This is especially true if it’s a website used for sales, online shopping, or news.

Translating content for a web page is a quick and simple job for our writers. Our writers translate, localize, and ensure that the page sounds transparent and authentic. Additionally, websites need SEO, which professional translation provides.


Whether you’re marketing by email or writing a response to an overseas company, using proper grammar and wording is essential. Hiring a translator will ensure that you and the company you represent are well represented. A professional will ensure that the language is transparent and easy to understand. This helps when avoiding grammatical or word-choice issues.

You can get various business communications translated into different languages. Email is one type you can outsource to a translation service.
You can get various business communications translated into different languages. Email is one type you can outsource to a translation service.


Using the correct translation service is vital for marketing, as you’re attempting to draw in a new audience. Proper grammar, wording, and localization will establish a strong connection with potential clients. This helps them understand you clearly and respect you more.


There are many aspects of gaming content that you’ll need to have translated if you’re looking to share your title in another country. This process can take longer, as you’ll first need to organize the game copywriting and ensure it’s all in line with your goals.

Dialogue is one of the trickiest aspects to have translated due to the uniqueness of how each person speaks. Dialogue requires a lot of localization and editing to feel natural in any commercial.

The narrative and overall story will need to have parts of the written work translated. Quests, tutorials, and reviews for gaming all obey the same principles. Clarity in the translation service provided is essential.


Applications range on their need for translation as some use little to any text at all. However, if your app has any menu or detailed instructions, it’ll need a translation. Additionally, any updated text or app-store information will need localization to attract users to install your software.

Social Media

Social media connects the world from one side to the other. Twitter and Facebook both offer an in-built translation service, yet neither one offers high-quality results. Outsourcing your post’s translation ensures that your followers understand what your business says.


eBooks are extremely popular due to the ease of access one has to them, thanks to mobile tablets and services. Once you’ve received your eBook from copywriting, ensure it meets all your checks. Having a professional translation company work it into the routine helps with accurate grammar and word usage. These ensure that your written works are ready for an international audience.

Content Translation Tools

There are many tools available that aid your own writing projects, automatically translating your finished work. These tools can be handy if you know the language and want to speed up the translation process. However, many of them are inaccurate due to the intricacies of grammar and word usage.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a free and easily accessible service for small amounts of text that you need to translate into almost any language. While the translation service is free and quick to use, it’s known for creating interesting phenomena when swapping between translations. Unfortunately, it’s just not reliable enough to translate large quantities of content accurately.

Google Translate is one of the most widely used content translation tools, but it's still prone to making grammatical errors and syntax mistakes.
Google Translate is one of the most widely used content translation tools, but it’s still prone to making grammatical errors and syntax mistakes.


Linguee combines a search engine with a dictionary. This tool offers a quick way to translate words into multiple languages. This tool is excellent if you already understand the basics of the language or simply want to use a handful of words from the language.

Fluency Now

Fluency Now is a premium tool available for all operating systems.  The software’s enterprise design works well for any organization. Using the software makes keeping on track as a team a quick and easy task.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Translation Tools

As powerful as translation software is, languages are complicated and challenging for the tools to handle accurately. Thus, even with a tool, you’ll need to account for the errors made by a translation program.

No Localization

Localization is the process where you adapt the writing to fit a specific area’s way of speaking. One prime example of this is the English language, differentiating between the various countries such as America and Canada. A professional content translation service will be able to capture even the most minor nuances while translating from one language to another.

Poor Grammar

Translation software fails to accommodate grammatical changes. These changes include sentence order and how some words will change with the context provided. You’ll need to constantly watch for punctuation and any issues within sentences. Potential issues include gendered words not belonging in their situation.


There are many benefits to outsourcing your content’s translation and localization. Using a professional agency such as our company ensures your content receives the highest level of care. Your project will return to you, translated with accuracy and presentation in mind. Take the step to aid your business’s growth internationally with quality translations and service.

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