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Do you need help steering your content towards success? Whether you need a scalable team to tackle large content writing projects, or require niche specialists for localization, we’ve got the crew you need. In short, welcome to Captain Words, your trusted partner in the vast ocean of content creation. We steer businesses, publishers, and agencies towards their destination of high-quality, engaging content.

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From setting sail to today: the story of our journey.

Since our launch in 2017, Captain Words has been navigating the dynamic seas of content creation with a passion and dedication that’s reflected in every member of our crew. It began when our founders noticed how businesses continually struggled to produce valuable, informative, and optimized content at scale, without falling prey to ever-changing search engine algorithms and poor content creators.

Guided by years of industry experience and expertise, our fearless captains founded Captain Words to help businesses overcome these challenges. From the bustling ports of bustling metropolises to the serene shores of remote locations, our quest has always been to deliver content that resonates, informs, and engages.

Our vessel is equipped with a diverse array of services, designed to meet the unique needs of every client:

Captain Words Crew

Our steadfast leadership.

At the helm of Captain Words are Co-Founders and CEOs, Jonatan and Sharon Parski. This dynamic duo embarked on the Captain Words voyage with a shared goal: to bridge the gap between the demand for high-quality content and the need for affordability.

Jonatan’s visionary leadership, coupled with Sharon’s passion for people and content, has charted a course of success and innovation. Their extensive experience in the content industry is the compass that guides our team. Meet the crew that makes it all happen by clicking below.

Meet our global crew.

Our strength lies in our vast and diverse network of writers, translators, editors, proofreaders, project managers, and content creators. Spread across different continents and skilled in over 60 languages, our crew is our greatest asset. We carefully match our clients with niche experts and language specialists, ensuring each project is not just completed but mastered with expertise and cultural insight.

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