How We Work

We're committed to fulfilling your unique business needs.

If it’s quality articles, blog posts, reviews, or editorials that you need, Captain Words stands ready. We have a team of multi-national writers and editors that can tailor content to your exact business, audience, and purpose-driven need in almost any language. We can also translate and localize your website, application, and documents. Through trial and error, we’ve created a refined process, enabling us to drive success for our clients.

Our Process: We Plan Before We Do

Unfortunately, optimized content can’t just appear out of thin air, and even the best writers can’t create consistent content without a plan. That’s why we created a tried and test process that combines key elements such as analysis, planning, research, intent, and execution.

Project Analysis

First, we need to analyze your project. We do this so that we can get a clear idea of your goals, needs, industry, challenges, and requirements. It’s a critical step that allows us to match our clients with the best managers and writers for their content project, while also gaining a deep understanding of you and your business. At Captain Words, we place a high priority on top service delivery, and this step is how we ensure customer satisfaction.

Project Manager Introduction

After we’ve evaluated your project needs, we sit down with our project managers to match their skills to your requirements. We have a globally-based team with broad knowledge spanning various topics and industries. We also account for the time, experience, and expertise demanded by your content writing, translation, localization, or editing project. Once we have the best match, we set up a session to introduce you to the project manager with which you’ll be working. Your PM will serve as your primary point of content for feedback and work requirements.

Research Phase

Before we plan your project and execute it, we need to have a solid research base. If you’ve already done competitor, keyword, and SEO research, you can review the details with your project manager. However, we have top SEO and industry specialists employed on our team. If you need research, we can evaluate competitors, find high-value keywords, and use your data to gain valuable insights into what would be the best content to suit your needs. We can even determine how to create high-converting content tailored to your niche.

Project Planning Phase

Our team uses several of the top project management tools. Based on our analysis and research and your input, we’ll establish milestones for your project and assign writers and editors to meet your deadlines. You’ll be working very closely with your project manager during this phase. Before we execute the project plan, you’ll have the opportunity to review it with your project manager and make final adjustments. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations, and this phase will help us prepare to deliver excellence.


With your project manager by your side and our team of writers behind you, it’s time to execute the project plan!

Whether it’s a one-time or ongoing project, you’ll receive only the best services from our team as we meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations. At Captain Words, our only goal is to give your project the time and attention it needs to become a massive success.