Our step-by-step process ensures we deliver quality content, every time.

After years of trial and error, we’ve developed a refined, results-driven process that helps us drive a successful outcome for your content project. Our talented team of multi-national writers and editors can write, edit, translate, and tailor content to any business and audience.

Our Content Project Process and content services

Here's how our process works

The first analysis

What are your goals and challenges? Who is your audience? Do you have unique industry or project-related needs? By gaining a deep understanding of your business and project goals, we can ensure a successful outcome.

Planning your project

Now that we have a structure, we need to plan out your content project. We build a winning team of writers and editors to match your requirements while you review the plan of action with your project manager to make any final adjustments or recommendations.

Meet your project manager

Your content project will be handled by a professional project manager whose skills will be a perfect match for your needs. We'll arrange an introduction to your Project Manager, and they'll serve as your primary point of contact.

Prioritizing the steps

If there are various steps in your content project (such as keyword research, topic development, publishing services, etc.), this step is vital. We need to prioritize key steps and milestones to ensure we deliver a top-quality content service that delivers real results.

Building the structure

To structure your project, we evaluate your needs against your goals, research keywords and competitors, and use available data to gain insights. From here, we structure a highly optimized content plan tailored to your niche.

Time to execute

We've analyzed, structured, planned, and prioritized - now it's time for execution. You'll have your project manager by your side and a team of experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable writers and editors behind you. At Captain Words, our primary goal is your success.

Do you have questions about our process?

Yes, all our clients are assigned an experienced project manager. The project manager will serve as your personal point of contact. If you have any issues, complaints, compliments, or requests, the project manager will ensure that your feedback is taken to the relevant parties and actioned accordingly. We’ll always have your best interests at heart.

Analysis is the first step in our process and, during our first meeting, we’ll discuss your content project goals. If required, we can also help analyze competitors, perform keyword research, and develop topics that will help you achieve those goals.

When we put together your team, we evaluate our writers to see which ones have the knowledge and expertise required. We’ll often have these writers test with you before we dive into the details of your content project. At Captain Words, we pride ourselves on having topical experts covering a variety of subjects.