The Future of Mobility: Content Marketing for Emerging Automotive Technologies

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Content marketing for emerging automotive technologies.

Gone are the days when the car buying journey started at the dealership. Now, most buyers start the process online. Having access to all the necessary information within seconds means that car dealerships have to be on top of their content marketing game. This becomes even more important as we enter a new innovative era in emerging automotive technologies. With so many new innovations and trends on the horizon, it’s an exciting time to be part of the automotive content marketing industry.

In this article, we explore how to craft content that communicates the emerging automotive technologies in the industry. With so many advancements and trends it makes sense for content marketers to utilize this excitement within the sector as part of their strategy to enhance brand awareness and generate new leads.

Emerging automotive technologies are changing how we experience driving.
Emerging automotive technologies are changing how we experience driving. Content Marketing in the Automotive Industry

Automotive content marketing is the process of promoting and advertising vehicles and related services within the industry. It helps car dealerships connect with buyers. Content marketing is essential as it provides a way for these brands to reach potential customers. It shares many features of other content marketing strategies but it’s tailored specifically to the automotive industry.

An automotive content strategy involves many different formats. The focus of this content is to inform, engage, and retain customers within the ever-evolving industry of motor vehicles. Part of creating a comprehensive approach to content marketing is to provide your audience with valuable content and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. 

One strategy to solidify your brand as a giant in the industry is by staying ahead of all the changes in technology. Embracing the new emerging automotive technologies is a great way to create and share valuable content with your audience. 

Types of Automotive Content

When it comes to effective content creation there are a multitude of different formats that can be used. Deciding which formats will be best will depend on your industry and content strategy. Not all formats are equally effective across different industries.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of automotive content that can be included in your marketing strategy:

  • Buyers Guides: These guides empower potential buyers to make an informed decision. As such, they play a pivotal role in any automotive content marketing strategy. 
  • Safety Reviews: These reviews are a great way to target the safety-conscious buyers within your target audience. 
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Comparisons: These comparisons are another great way to empower potential buyers. It compares various features of different vehicles to help clients make a decision on what suits them best.
  • Car Maintenance Tips: These tips are a great way to provide more value to your clients. It’s also an important part of after-sale content marketing to build loyalty with your existing customers.
  • Auto Repair Advice: This advice also forms part of after-sale services and provides actionable insights on overcoming common automotive issues such as changing tyres, replacing the oil, or how to choose a mechanic.
  • Trend Reporting: These reports provide updates on the latest emerging technology. It keeps car enthusiasts and industry stakeholders invested in your brand. Creating this type of content will be the main focus of this article.

Strategies for Content Marketers in Emerging Automotive Technologies

When it comes to content marketing, there are a few basic strategies that stretch across all industries. Things like doing research and identifying your audience are some of the initial steps that most brands have already completed. However, in this article we want to focus on leveraging emerging technology in the automotive industry in our content marketing strategies. Therefore, these tips cannot be general and should be specific to the automotive industry.

While this is true in most industries, if you want to use emerging technology in your content creation, you need to stay ahead of any of the trends. Make sure that you’re aware of what’s happening with technology in the automotive industry so that you can create relevant content as new trends emerge. 

There are a few ways that you can stay up to date with the latest technological advancements in the automotive industry. These include: 

  • Trade and Industry Periodicals
  • Industry Newsletters and Podcasts
  • Webinars and Events
  • Social Media
  • Online Courses and Certifications

Partnerships and Collaborations

Another great way to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies is by partnering or collaborating with automotive technology developers. By working directly with developers of new technology you’re involved in the frontline of what’s possible. This gives you first hand experience in the newest developments which you can use in your content marketing. 

Many automotive brands are known for solidifying successful partnerships related to electric vehicles and technological advancement. Some of the most well-known automotive brands utilizing these collaborations include Ford, Toyota and Suzuki, BMW and Daimer, Hyundai and Aptiv. However, brands don’t have to limit partnerships for these purposes to only car manufacturers. 

Many auto companies have broken free from the traditional automotive partnership mold by collaborating with brands from other industries such as those between Sky Media and HeyCar, Ford and Next, Tag Heuer and Porsche, and many others.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social media is a vital resource to utilize as part of any content marketing strategy. That being said, it’s extremely useful for sharing content related to emerging technologies in the automotive field. Since new technology is such a popular topic on social media, creating content that leverages this is a great way to improve traffic and generate new leads. By demonstrating new features or how the technology works in real-life applications is a great way to utilize these social platforms. 

However, as with any other content strategy, you need to be aware of which platforms your audience prefers, as well as the type of content best suited to their needs. Understanding your target audience is the best way to identify which platforms are the best for sharing your content on emerging trends.

Utilize Different Types of Content

As we mentioned earlier in this article, there are different types of content that can be used in the automotive industry. While they can all have their place, they aren’t all necessarily applicable for creating content on emerging technology. 

When it comes to new technology, visual impact is crucial. Seeing the technology or features in action makes it more real. It also makes the information, which can be quite technical, easier for the audience to understand.

In the case of demonstrating new technology, video format can be very useful to give potential leads a visual experience. Think about it from your perspective, would you rather read a lengthy guide explaining the newest technology and what it does, or would you rather watch a video where you can see it in action? Both have their place, and often worked best when combined in a strategic content marketing plan.

Even electric cars are becoming more advanced as automotive technology improves.
Even electric cars are becoming more advanced as automotive technology improves. Working Future Trends and Predictions into Content

Content marketing in the automotive field is so exciting at the moment because of all the new technology emerging. Since this is also an industry that’s constantly evolving and changing, staying at the forefront of the latest trends in technology makes for exciting new opportunities to create valuable content. But how can automotive brands go about actually integrating these trends and new technology into their content? 

Automotive AI

We’ve already started to see AI completely transforming how the automotive industry functions. The use of AI doesn’t seem to have any limitations, so we’re still just starting to discover the extent to which this technology can be used.

There are so many different uses of AI in the automotive industry at the moment. This can make an approach to creating content on the topic a challenge. Therefore it’s a good idea to start by focusing on features that your brand is well known for and that you value. By doing this, you can start creating content on technology you’re already excited for and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Say for example, that your brand is passionate about safety features powered by AI. This can be technology that enables the car to automatically brake when it detects pedestrians, cyclists or other cars, such as Volvo’s City Safety technology. In this case you start focusing your content on this technology and different versions of it that are still related to your brand’s passion.

Once you’ve established yourself on the technology your brand is already excited about, you can then start to expand into other uses of the technology and new exciting developments within the broader genre.

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles are something that engineers have been working on for many years. Recently, we’ve been starting to get a glimpse of these vehicles in action as cities open up as testing sites for them. This is being met with a mixture of excitement, fear, and even anger

Automotive content marketers can use the controversy around autonomous cars to establish themselves as thought leaders. Take a stance on the technology that’s in-line with your brand. This could be promoting the technology and highlighting all the benefits amidst the negative press. 

Controversy can be a great way to get your content noticed when done correctly. If you decide to go this route and it aligns with your brand message, remember to include well researched information to support your stance and always present it in a respectful way.

Alternatively, you could choose to take a positive, yet cautious stance, highlighting the potential of the technology while acknowledging the issues. While this might not have as strong a reaction as going with controversy, it does carry less risk. 

Conversation and Gesture Intelligence

The automotive industry is starting to incorporate advanced natural language processing (NLP) alongside voice recognition to enable drivers to activate certain functions using voice commands. Some car brands are also focusing on gesture control technology for situations where the driver isn’t able to use voice commands.

 One of the best ways to incorporate this type of technology into your content strategy is through video. It’s one thing to explain in an article how voice and gesture intelligence works, but it’s so much more powerful when your audience can see it in action.

With video you can show off all the different ways that this technology can be used to benefit the driver. Not only can this be used to promote the emerging technology, but it can also lay the way for after-sale resource content. 

Automotive IoT

Connected cars that utilize AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) is another exciting advancement in the automotive industry. Cars utilizing this technology can communicate with each other, traffic systems, and other devices. They can provide real-time data on different factors such as traffic or road conditions, potential hazards, and even vehicle performance. 

This is another emerging automotive technology that will be challenging to explain in an article alone. Instead, you should consider taking a multi-format approach and include video content. Showing these features in a visual way makes it easier for your audience to understand what the technology is and how it’s being used. 

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is exciting in industries that are continually evolving. The automotive industry is currently experiencing a lot of growth with immense increases in new technology. This provides a great opportunity for companies within this market to utilize these developments as part of their content marketing strategy. However, for these strategies to be effective, you need to solidify yourself as a thought leader when it comes to new developments. This involves staying at the forefront of any new emerging tech.

If you’re stuck when it comes to creating high-quality content within the dynamic and constantly shifting automotive industry, we have you covered. As a content agency that specializes in the automotive field, we have expert writers familiar with all the latest tech trends and developments within the field. Contact Captain Words to see how we can help you create exciting new automotive content.

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