How to Become a Pro Esports Player in 9 Easy Steps

Jonatan Parski CEO

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How to Become a Pro Esports Player in 9 Easy Steps

With the rise of esports and professional gaming, it’s becoming a real career opportunity. As many tournaments and competitive games are coming up, more gamers are getting interested in this part of video gaming. 

Many of us dream of becoming esports players, but only some will put in the time, effort, and determination needed. Being a pro esports player requires judgment, talent, decision-making, communication skills, etc.

Given the growing number of esports contests with significant prize pools, some gamers may be willing to seek a pro esports player career. Let’s briefly go through some of the most important aspects to consider if you want to move forward into the esports industry.

Key Skills of a Professional Gamer

As we mentioned, professional esports gaming requires players to show different skills and put in the time and effort. Playing video games is a hobby of millions of people worldwide, but only a few are giving in the needed effort and determination to become pro esports players. While there’s no blueprint for becoming a pro esports player, let’s look at some critical skills potential esports gamers need to succeed. 

Esports Gamer Skills | Source: Frontiers
Esports Gamer Skills | Source: Frontiers

Strategic Thinking 

In electronic sports gaming, strategy is everything. Becoming a pro esports player requires you to have fast reactions, adapt to your competition’s moves, and create strategies on the go. You may be better off defending a specific angle or making a certain kind of attack. Strategic thinking is a vital part of every esports game, and if you want to become a top esports player, you’ll need to think smart and fast. 

Video game players must make intelligent judgments in real-time. A pro esports player must study the game’s circumstances, find possible outcomes, and make decisions based on their observations. Players must consider the long-term consequences of their actions since they can affect the path of the game. Because they demand players to exercise this capacity pleasantly and enjoyably, as video games are a good tool for improving strategic thinking abilities.

Quick Reflexes

Reflexes are involuntary and almost instant movements caused by a stimulus. Having quick reflexes is something fundamental when it comes to competitive gaming. 

Our brain’s “reaction time” appears to be a “reflex” in competitive video gaming. The rate at which our brains form the connections required for our hands to have motor abilities originates in the central nervous system.

Age and Reflexes in Esports Teams | Source:
Age and Reflexes in Esports Teams | Source:

What appears to be instantaneous or uncontrollable is the brain growing used to and reacting to particular expected stimuli because anticipation develops a state of readiness to carry out the desired action. We don’t do “involuntary” movements. 

A pro gamer should have fast reflexes and low response time to dodge any incoming attacks or generally react to everything the opponents or teammates do. 


Professional players use various methods to keep cool during close esports tournament matches. Among the most common strategies are:

  • Deep breathing techniques can help decrease blood pressure, relieve muscular tension, and promote relaxation. 
  • Visualization can help a pro esports player gain confidence and reduce stress by seeing himself winning the match. 
  • Positive self-talk is talking to oneself helpfully and happily. As a result, a pro gamer may feel more confident and less anxious. 
  • Mindfulness is defined as being completely present and immersed in the current moment. As a result, esports players may be able to concentrate better and feel less worried. 
  • Pausing might help a pro esports player feel less anxious and fresh in his mind.

Furthermore, elite players have most certainly dealt with stress from tournaments and learned the capacity to control it. It’s vital to remember that even the top players have bad days, but they keep working on their mental game and trying to get better.


A pro esports player must have a great deal of dedication and self-control. It involves more than just spending hours playing video games. Leading a healthy lifestyle, being focused, and regularly practicing and advancing your skills are essential for your esports career. 

Being a pro esports player requires investing a lot of time playing the online game and learning strategies from other esports players before you can consider yourself a pro gamer. You need to think critically, make snap decisions, and have quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination. As teams of players compete against one another in many esports competitions, you must also be able to operate well as a team.


Teamwork is the concept of every sport, whether in esports or traditional sports. A professional athlete should be able to communicate with his fellow players and adapt his style to theirs. A team of five players has to play and think like one. This is the same for esports gamers as well.

An excellent pro esports player should be able to create strategies with his teammates, work around the opponent, and have clear communication. Esports is just like every other type of sport, but digital. If you’ve watched a football, NFL, or NBA game, you know the players are constantly training together and creating different strategies.


In the world of esports games, patience is the key to winning. Many players are always trying to rush the opponent to kill them or take an important checkpoint. The thing is that it’s sometimes better to wait. 

Being patient allows a player to make thoughtful decisions instead of acting impulsively. Nothing is more unfortunate than seeing a pro gamer rush a point just to get instantly killed by the hidden opponent. While playing, always try to think twice before you act. 

Tips for Becoming a Better Competitive Player

While becoming a pro gamer is challenging, there are many things that the player can improve and work on to get into the esports sector. Knowing these simple tips is a good idea if you want to become a pro gamer and join worldwide tournaments. They’ll help you become a pro esports player and increase your competitiveness.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Work ethic and discipline are what push esports forward. You can have the most talent in the world, but you won’t go far without enough practice. That’s what differentiates a good player from a pro player. The job of a pro gamer doesn’t end with them finishing tournaments or playing a specific match. They always train. 

We see most of the esports pro gamers streaming or creating YouTube content. This doesn’t mean that they’re just wasting some free time. At the same time, they’re creating gaming content. They’re practicing their skills and evolving their game further. 


As mentioned, streaming is an excellent way to become a better pro esports player. Streaming allows you to develop your skills and get noticed by a prominent team or a sponsor. Many esports teams use scouts to find players and invite them to participate in the tournaments. If you think you have what it takes to become a pro esports player, then start streaming. You won’t regret it! 

Moreover, the people that are watching you can give you feedback. You can always ask them for tips to improve your game or learn something new. An excellent pro gamer will always accept tips and advice that can be used in small matches or big tournaments. 

Enter Tournaments

One of the best ways for a player to become good is by competing against other players. Gamers constantly play competitive games or tournaments against players at their level, or even higher, to gain more skills and learn new techniques. 

A gamer needs to play in tournaments because that’ll increase their skills while teaching them to play under pressure. Try getting into tournaments with an open policy and trying your luck. 

Many professional esports players have started their careers through small or medium tournaments and made their way up to the big scene, like getting into an esports league. 

Guide to Becoming a Pro Esports Player 

Now that we’ve gone through some tips to help you become a pro esports player. Remember that doing what we mention below won’t instantly make you a pro gamer. 

You need to put in enough work and dedication to become one of the big names in the industry. Some say talent is the key to becoming a pro in everything, but we’d say talent is only 10%. The other 90% is hard work, training, and dedication to what you’re doing. Let’s now look at our guide for becoming a pro esports player. 

Path of Becoming a Pro Gamer | Source:
Path of Becoming a Pro Gamer | Source:

Choose a Game That Fits You Best 

To become a pro gamer, you must choose a game. This is one of the most important things you need to consider if you want to become a pro esports player. There are many games, platforms, and genres available to you. Be sure to select a game you’re passionate about and wouldn’t mind playing for hours because practice is the most important thing in competitive gaming. 

Choose the platform you want to play on: choosing the right platform is 50% of your game choice. You need to pick a platform you’re used to playing and have mastered. It’ll be hard for a gamer to get into PC esports if they have played only console games in the past and vice versa. 

Choose a genre: after you’ve chosen the system you want to play on, you have to choose a game genre. You can choose between MOBA games, RPGs, racing games, shooters, battle royale games, RTS games, card games, etc. Make sure to choose a genre you like and are really into playing. 

Choose a game: now, here comes the fun part. Choosing the right game for you is essential in esports. Here, you don’t have to decide which game is your favorite in the genre of your choice, but also see if it has a big enough player base, tournaments and competitive leagues, sponsors, viewers, etc. 

If you choose the wrong game, you might have to start over again, so be careful. Choosing popular titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, or Fortnite is the safest thing to do. A pro gamer knows his good and bad sides and should be able to know which games fit his playstyle the best. 

Start Practicing 

Now that you have chosen the platform, the genre, and the game, it’s time to start practicing. You can do that by playing regular matches, competitive games, or streaming. Another way of increasing your skills is by joining leagues and tournaments so that you can compete against seasoned players. 

Playing often will build up that muscle memory, which is essential for pro esports players. It allows the player to react instantaneously to the opponent’s strategies or threats throughout the game. 

Watching and Learning: another way of gaining more skills as a pro gamer is watching other players. This will help you understand the game better and see other gamers’ strategies and techniques. You can watch old tournaments on YouTube or see the active ones on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or any other platform. 

Another thing you can do is record yourself playing and then watch the recordings. This will help you notice mistakes you’re making, your good and bad habits, and, in general, give you an idea of how you move around the map, scout areas, and watch out for enemies.

Follow the latest updates in the game: if you want to be a pro gamer, you have to follow the game’s updates. If an item gets nerfed or removed, you need to know that and rotate your strategy around the new changes. 

In games like League of Legends, it’s common for Riot Games to remove, add, or change items, abilities, or even whole champions. If you miss out on one of these tweaks, you might save half an hour for an item just to see if it’s not useful for your build. 

Try to Team Up With Fellow Gamers

Gaming, like almost everything else in life, is a social activity. A pro gamer is something with the community to back him up. You need to join a gaming community so you and your fellow gamers can help each other, improve your strategies, etc. 

Moreover, joining a gaming community will give you more audience, attention, and a way to get noticed. 

Another good thing about the gaming communities is that you meet many like-minded people who can help you in your journey of becoming a pro esports player. 

Another huge thing you can improve with the help of the gaming community is communication skills. You have to be able to communicate with your teammates to achieve your goals. You can be the best pro gamer in the world, but if you cannot communicate and play well with your teammates, you won’t get far (unless you’re not playing one-on-one games, of course). 

After joining a gaming community, searching for local tournaments around your area is a good idea. If you’re lucky, many leagues, competitions, and tournaments are open for new participants. They’ll help you get used to the atmosphere and stress around the big games while also letting you see how your training and practicing are going.

Plus, starting a video game blog is a great way to gain some attention from fellow gamers and start getting recognized. 

Invest in Proper Gear

As in every sport, having the proper gear is essential. While you can be a pro esports player with the cheapest mouse and keyboard, you won’t last long. The technologies in gaming are advancing so fast that some gamers are now switching to wireless mice – something that was impossible to do a couple of years ago. New mechanical keyboards enter the market, high-refresh-rate monitors that sync with the video cards directly, better PC and Console components, faster internet speeds, etc. 

Having a good headset is a must for most pro players. If we take a game like Counter-Strike, for example, you can see how many of the plays revolve around audio cues only. Pro esports players can “see” a player behind a wall or a corner just with their ears. They hear steps, reloading, shooting, and everything their opponents do. That’s why if you aim to become a pro gamer in CS:GO, you need a proper headset to match the competition. 

Other things fall into the gaming gear category besides the technical stuff. One of the most essential ones is the chair. A pro gamer sits in one place for hours, gaming, watching videos, practicing, etc. This means that the chair of a pro esports player should be comfortable and durable. 

Start Competing

Now that you know everything mentioned above, it’s time to start your competitive career. Join your game, do a couple of warm-up rounds, and then hop into competitive mode. Most competitive games match you against players in the same rank/skill level so that you’ll have fair competition. 

As you develop your style and skill, you’ll start advancing through the ranks. Winning games and tournaments builds your reputation amongst other players, and by combining that with streaming or recording gaming content, you’ll instantly become a big name in the industry. 

After you advance through all the competitive ranks, you should be ready to get into more advanced competitive leagues, tournaments, and competitions. There, you’ll find elite players and more significant rewards. Consistently winning and playing well in these tournaments will almost 100% guarantee that a scout of a pro team sees you. 

Get in a Team

Once you get noticed, you should start playing even better and more challenging. Never show any kind of hesitation. Eventually, you’ll receive an offer from an esports team. Once you’re in, you’ll see how serious esports gaming can be. 

Teams have trainers teaching players new skills and techniques that fit their playstyle and show their weak and strong sides. A good team will allow each pro gamer to show his unique talents and then position him so that he uses them to the max. 

Don’t feel bad if you don’t receive an offer from a team. There are many ways for you to get noticed. Try searching in forums, see if a team is currently recruiting, and start streaming or uploading videos on YouTube. 

Compete Professionally

Once you get into a team, you’re a pro esports player. While some teams are bigger than others, the most important thing for you is you keep your game at a top-notch level. The pro esports teams compete in tournaments worldwide, with thousands or millions of viewers and huge prize money for the winners. 

If you keep up with your game and show skill and talent, you might also receive offers from other teams. It’s a good idea to first think about each team, see how the pro gamers inside are playing the game, analyze their strategies, and decide if you can fit into the team’s playstyle. 

While it’s cool to be part of a team like Fnatic, Cloud9, FaZe, NaVi, etc., there’s no point in entering such a team just not being able to maintain your current level. 

Get Sponsorships

Sponsors are a nice way a pro gamer can monetize their time and effort rather than just winning tournaments. Being a pro esports player allows you to work with various sponsors and companies that want you to be the face of their brand. 

While most people will try to get as many sponsors as possible, you must maintain a good image and reputation if you want to stay in this industry for long. Research the offerings you receive, see what products they offer, and decide if the companies deserve the attention of your viewers. One bad move with a fishy sponsor can end your esports career. 

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

While gaming isn’t exactly connected with the physical form of gamers, a pro esports player will maintain a healthy lifestyle while gaming. Being healthy plays a huge role in esports gaming. A tired brain doesn’t think, makes mistakes, and can make reactions sluggish and underthought. 

A pro gamer drinks water regularly and exercises or does activities other than gaming to keep their head clean and healthy. You might think of gaming as a way to relax and have fun, but for these people, this is their job, so it’s really important for them to always be in top condition. 


Because of the good game content marketing or the difference in generations, gaming has seen a huge growth in the past couple of years, with more and more players wanting to become pros. 

Being a pro gamer is certainly a challenging job. While some people can’t understand how people are making money by playing games and don’t see this as a real job, these pro gamers are putting in tens of hours a day mastering their skills, learning new techniques, and competing in various tournaments and other esports events. 

We hope our guide and tips have been helpful to everyone who’s looking to start a career as a pro esports player and get into those esports events and teams. Being a pro gamer in 2023 is a really good way of earning money, and if you think you have what it takes to become an esports competitor, then join in! What do you have to lose?

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