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Dive into the world of iGaming with Captain Words, where expertise meets creativity. Our tailored iGaming content services are designed to captivate your audience and drive your digital presence without emptying your coffers.

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We’re proud to have some of the best writers, niche and topic experts, SEO specialists, content creators, and others sailing under the Captain Words banner! We’re happy to say that our team is just as excited to be working with us. Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our crew says about working with us.

Chantelle, Writer
Great experience working for Captain Words
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"I’ve been with Captain Words for over two years as a writer, editor, and jack-of-all-trades. It’s been an amazing experience. The team is professional and friendly, and the projects are varied and exciting. I would highly recommend Captain Words to writers and any business that needs a dedicated, passionate team."
Jolene, PM
Collaborating with a grade-A team
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"I've been with Captain Words for two years. Not only are the clients and projects exciting and rewarding, I get to collaborate with writers and editors from around the world! Working in a team with terrific people that put 100% into being team players, the experience has been fruitful."
Shaun, Writer, Editor, and PM
Reaching my full potential
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I’ve worked for Captain Words for more than 2 years, and I must say how wonderful it feels to finally reach my full potential in a career I love. I’m a writer, editor, and manager of client accounts, projects, and websites. I didn’t know my writing skills would ever feel so fulfilling.
Marlene, PM
An unforgettable journey
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"I joined Captain Words in 2020. It has been an unforgettable journey as an account and project manager. I have gained significant experience and skills working with a diverse and passionate team. I would without a doubt recommend Captain Words to anyone looking for quality content or even a work form home opportunity."
Candice, PM
Working for Captain Words is an absolute privilege
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"As a project manager, I have the opportunity of working with teams from across the world! Captain Words has a focus on excellence in terms of service delivery, quality and team support. I feel fortunate to work for a company that enables me to grow both personally and professionally."
Lisa, German Writer and Editor
Great working environment at Captain Words
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"I've been working for Captain Words for more than a year now doing translations, writing and editing. The variety of the projects, a very friendly team and a appreciative boss make me enjoy my job a lot. Thank you, CW! 😊"
Nathan, English Editor
Opportunity to grow with Captain Words
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"In my four months with Captain Words, I've had the opportunity to work on plenty of different projects, connect and build new relationships as well as pass on my skills to writers. The flexibility within my role works perfectly for me and I couldn't recommend working here enough."
Franciso, Spanish Editor
A new and fulfilling ride
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"It has been over two years since I joined Captain Words, starting as a writer, then a year later as editor for the Spanish team, and the experience can only be described as “fulfilling”. Not only was I able to develop my skills as a web content writer, but also I was able to meet excellent working companions, as well as learn one or two things about SEO and many other topics of interest for readers from all places in the world. Wouldn’t change this experience for anything else!”
Tiago, Portuguese Writer
Working at Captain Words is an amazing experience
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"I've been working with Captain Words as a writer and editor for 1.5 years and I can't thank the team enough. Everyone is very profissional and helpful, which means they'll be there every step of the way. We've had the chance to discuss and contribute to several interesting projects in a great variety of themes. If you're looking a new experience working with a skilled and passionate team, this is the job for you."
Yuki, Japanese Writer and Editor
Great experience with a great staff!
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"I've been working for Captain Words for a half of a year as a writer, translator, editor, and Proofreader. I enjoy the environment of working with top notch communication tools on daily bases. Not mention, I feel extremely lucky to have such a great boss, super supportive PMs, and wonderful colleagues whom I can exchange ideas with. If you are looking for an once in a life time opportunity , then Captain Words is the one."
Lukas, Editor
Great Work that Fits into an Active Lifestyle
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"As a Senior Editor at Captain Words, I've seen how this job fits into the modern workers lifestyle perfectly. Not only is it remote, but the hours are very flexible. Having the ability to dictate a schedule, and log on to a laptop to work, gives me the freedom that is paramount in today's busy world. As a professional athlete, it's saved me a lot of time and hassle as I've been able to focus on long-term goals while still having the capability to fund my life. The project managers are all incredibly nice, the writers are ambitious and appreciate feedback, and the articles can sometimes vary in topics, so you'll learn a lot of interesting things as you work."

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