Why Marketers and Agencies Should Outsource Affiliate Content

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Outsource Affiliate Content

There’s no denying that affiliate marketing is on the rise. What began with an e-commerce store back in 1994 has become a proven way for companies to expand their marketing efforts. It’s also opened up a whole new channel for individuals and influencers to earn money advocating for products that fit their brand. However, to keep up with demand, many affiliate marketers and agencies have started to outsource affiliate content to professional content writers.


Several key factors make affiliate marketing successful, but your content is possibly the most important. Without affiliate content that is on point, well-curated, and well-written, your marketing efforts will falter. To do it well, you need content creators with the skills to craft SEO-optimized and suitable content for your website, blogs, or social media channels. 

Writing affiliate content doesn’t come naturally to everyone. We can’t all pick up a paintbrush and create a masterpiece. Likewise, we don’t all have the skill to pull together a piece of writing with the right tone, which is both expertly informative and imaginatively interesting. 

So how do you get affiliate content writing right? More and more affiliate marketers and agencies choose to outsource affiliate content to companies that specialize in this field. These companies have expert teams of writers who can hit the right note for your brand and your audience.In this article, we’ll look at:

  • How outsourcing your affiliate content works.
  • What you should consider when choosing a content service.
  • The kind of content you can outsource.
  • How you can benefit by outsourcing affiliate content.

It’s all about your brand. When you outsource affiliate content to the right company, you take a huge step forward in a very competitive world.

What Does it Mean to Outsource Affiliate Content?

When we talk about outsourcing affiliate content, we mean hiring a professional service to produce the content you need for your platforms. Content plays a pivotal role in affiliate marketing success, and you should never compromise on the quality of what you publish.

If you outsource affiliate content you need to choose your provider carefully.
If you outsource affiliate content you need to choose your provider carefully. There are many factors to consider, and you don’t want to pay for a service that can’t meet your requirements.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. If you choose to outsource affiliate content to a professional service, you show that you understand the value of good writing. Simply banging out a blog with little understanding of tone, style, and flow, is detrimental to your products and brand.

The company to which you outsource affiliate content becomes an extension of your business. You provide the brief, and they provide a professional writer or team to deliver exceptional content that meets your requirements.

Choosing the Best Affiliate Content Writing Service

When you’ve decided to outsource affiliate content, don’t go for the first company that crosses your path. While this may well be the one that you ultimately trust with your affiliate content writing, there are several factors to consider that will steer you towards the best affiliate content service for your business.  


Any writer can pull together an article, but affiliate marketing content needs more than just words on a page. Your content must reach your target market and convince them to buy what you’re selling

Professional content services get this right through effective use of SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO ensures that your content lands at the feet of those likely to buy the product or service. Experienced writers understand how to choose the best keywords and optimize your content correctly. Writers who are new to the field may initially struggle with this concept. 

Experience doesn’t just refer to the number of years a service has operated or how much content it’s created. Find an affiliate content writing service with writers proficient in writing for your industry. With relevant knowledge and targeted writing experience, they better grasp the topic and craft content that hits the sweet spot.


You should outsource affiliate content to a writing service that prioritizes professionalism in the work it delivers and in its dealings with clients.

A large part of professionalism is reliability. When you outsource affiliate content, you rely on the service to deliver a quality finished product that meets the brief and the deadline. You’re unlikely to trust a service that can’t work to strict timelines or presents substandard content.

Communication and professionalism is key when you outsource affiliate content
Communication and professionalism is key when you outsource affiliate content.

Consistency contributes substantially to professionalism. When you enter into a relationship with a content writing service, you expect a consistently high standard of work. Articles that fluctuate between excellent and sub-par are unacceptable and not in keeping with professional standards.


Open lines of communication between you and the writing service are critical to a good relationship. Struggling to reach the company you outsource affiliate content to doesn’t instill confidence and hints at a lack of professionalism. On the other hand, a quick response indicates a willingness to please and a desire to meet customer expectations.

The ease of communication at the beginning stages of your research sets the tone for your relationship going forward. If you constantly have to wait for call-backs or answers to queries, how can you be confident that the work will be up to scratch?

Multiple Languages

Depending on your brand and market, you may require affiliate content in several languages. This content may be initially written in English and translated to a foreign language, or the source language may be foreign. Either way, affiliate marketers with an international audience often include multilingualism in their requirements when they outsource affiliate content.

Professional content agencies can provide localized multilingual content
Professional content agencies can provide localized multilingual content.

When initially researching content writing services, have a clear idea of which languages you need content in. Additionally, consider whether this may be a requirement in the future. If your affiliate marketing business is likely to grow, producing content in several languages is a fantastic foot in the door to a foreign market.

Team Size

Consistency is key when it comes to affiliate marketing. Outsource affiliate content to a company with sufficient writers to cater to your content needs. Inundating one person with a high volume of work results in missed deadlines and substandard copy. A team of several writers is better placed to deliver quality pieces within the stipulated period. 

Establish this information before you finalize the contract. It’s essential to feel confident that the service you outsource affiliate content to has enough writers with knowledge of your industry to cater to your work.

Types of Affiliate Content Marketers Can Outsource

From building a website to updating your copy and increasing your reach, affiliate marketing is ongoing. But help is at hand, and there are several types of content that you can outsource to professionals.

List-Style Reviews

In a list-style review, you review several similar products from different brands, for example, kettles or online casinos. This type of content usually includes a comparison of the products’ features, and a short pros and cons summary of each.  

Affiliate marketers find list-style reviews time-consuming. Outsourcing these to a writing service with experience in this kind of content frees up your time for other projects. 

Product Reviews

These reviews focus on a product from a specific brand and cover several aspects. They are usually pretty detailed to give the reader a well-rounded overview of the product and how they can benefit from it.

A typical product review style affiliate article
A typical product review style affiliate article. Source: Good Housekeeping

Like list-style reviews, these take time to write and can be laborious. Many affiliate marketers prefer to outsource these and tackle the easier or more enjoyable writing tasks themselves.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored content is a popular form of affiliate marketing and a fabulous way for marketers to monetize their blogs. Occasionally, the sponsor provides an outline for the article or blog post, but more often than not, the affiliate marketer can determine the topic.

Quality is paramount in sponsored articles. You represent a sponsor that’s paying you to produce work of a high standard, with the ultimate goal of pushing its brand to your audience and generating sales.

Website Landing Pages

Well-written website content with the right style and tone for the intended audience contributes greatly to affiliate marketing success. However, not everyone can produce quality content with the necessary information packaged in an easy-to-read format. 

Professional writing services have writers with the necessary skills and experience, and can create copy that targets your audience. Outsourcing this work takes the weight of regular updates off your shoulders, enabling you to concentrate on other aspects of affiliate marketing.

Tutorials and “How To” Guides

Another popular inclusion on affiliate marketing sites is tutorials or How-To guides. These sometimes also fall under the umbrella of sponsored content. For example, if your focus is health and beauty, you may create a guide on makeup application using a sponsored product. 

You may find that, as the face of your brand, you prefer creating video tutorials yourself. However, written step-by-step guides are a fantastic way to share knowledge about a product or skill, and you can easily outsource these to writing companies with that knowledge.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Affiliate Content

To get the best results and generate revenue consistently, it’s sometimes necessary to outsource affiliate content. This is in no way a failure on your part, but it can be very beneficial.

Benefits for Affiliate Marketers

As we mentioned earlier, not everyone can create the kind of quality content that generates income. These are some of the advantages of outsourcing your affiliate content.

Search Engine Optimization

Professional content creators are well-versed in the whys and hows of SEO. They identify relevant keywords to use and know how best to scatter them throughout an article. They also understand the importance of linking to other pages or sites. Used correctly, SEO propels your website further up the search rankings and generates more revenue.

Knowledgeable Writers

Professional writing services have writers knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. While you may be a proficient writer in a general sense, you may not have the technical knowledge to write confidently about a topic. In cases like this, it’s best to outsource affiliate content to someone with knowledge of that industry.

Saves Time

Writing content is hard work and doing it well takes time. Trusting a writing service with your affiliate content allows you time to concentrate on other essential aspects of your business, such as approaching possible sponsors.

Generating Revenue

Being an affiliate marketer is about promoting brands and products to generate revenue for you and your sponsors. You’re more likely to be successful with high quality content produced by professionals than if you populate your website with content that misses the mark.

Quick Response Time

Professional writers are used to working to tight deadlines. When you outsource affiliate content, you can upload articles and blogs according to your predetermined timeline. Taking on the writing yourself means fitting it in among everything else demanding your attention. You may find yourself falling behind and constantly adjusting your deadlines.

Benefits for Content Agencies

Affiliate marketers aren’t the only people who benefit from using professional content writing services. Content agencies also outsource their content and benefit in much the same way. 


Businesses rely on search engine optimization to rank higher in internet search results. Professional content services work to a content agency’s brief but know how best to write for optimization, using keywords, links, and other SEO techniques. 

Saving Time

Content agencies handle much more than just written content for their clients. Outsourcing this time-consuming aspect of their role to a writing service saves their teams time that can be better spent on other jobs.

Multilingual Expertise

Large businesses market to a broad audience speaking a variety of languages. Having multilingual content creates an inclusive environment with far-reaching benefits. While most content agencies can’t provide this, many professional writing services offer written content in several languages.


Standard writers may lack the attention to detail professional content writers display, such as that of localization. This refers to adjusting your writing for a specific culture, country, or target market. For example, in the UK we write colour, but in the US it’s color. Localization is important to make your audience feel that you are one of them.


Affiliate marketing can certainly be a successful business, but it takes hard work and is time-intensive. Your content is undeniably one of the significant aspects that can drive success, and it’s vital to get this right.

Affiliate marketers who outsource affiliate content benefit from having more time for other tasks while knowing their affiliate content is top-notch. Call Captain Words now to find out how we can get your affiliate content right.

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