Whether you’re a beginner or expert in the industry, it’s inarguable that SEO seminars are vital for learning new trends and skills. You’ll network with leaders and find new leads for your business. Despite the current situation with COVID-19, there are still SEO Seminars in 2020-2021.

Most of these sessions are available as online webinars. You’ll receive study materials and walk away with the ability to improve your business ranking. Significantly, you can attend from the comfort of your home while remaining safe and healthy.

Here’s a detailed guide for upcoming SEO seminars in 2020-2021.

SEO Seminars In 2020-2021

Verto Free SEO Seminar

SEO seminars in 2020-2021

While Verto usually hosts sessions at its Kettering office in the UK, it’s hosting the Verto Free SEO Seminars 2020 online. There are two dates that have passed but more will be arriving soon depending on your availability. Verto will also be holding further webinars next year.

The main appeal of their event is that it’s free of charge. Verto consists of specialists that offer audits to companies who want to expand their online business. The webinar lasts for one hour, with a one-on-one session held at the end for attendee queries. 

The previous events took place on 20 August and 3 September 2020. Verto hasn’t set the other dates for their SEO Seminars in 2020-2021 yet, but you stay updated via their website. There’s also an online form if you want to be made aware of upcoming events.

So what do the SEO Seminars in 2020-2021 generally cover? Here are some details:

  • The basics of SEO
  • The benefits of SEO
  • Organic SEO and PPC
  • Ongoing and future trends
  • SEO methods to improve rankings

Since Verto is an SEO company, expect some marketing of its services. While you’ll learn some essential lessons, you may find it pushing its services during the event. However, we still feel it’s worth attending to acquire some SEO knowledge.

Digital Marketing Automation Seminar for Business Owners and Key Executives

SEO seminars in 2020-2021

Excel-Your-Business (EYB), located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hosted this SEO seminar online. Jessica Katz presented the recent webinar on 8 – 10 September. You could choose which day suited you best, as each session was the same. 

Katz usually lists the seminars as private, which means that you’ll need to contact her for registration details for future SEO Seminars in 2020-2021. EYB will select a few attendees, depending on the number of registrations, for specific dates. These events will treat you to Katz’s years of experience in SEO and digital marketing.

If you want to enquire about attending any private SEO seminar with Jessica Katz for SEO Seminars in 2020-2021, you can complete the online inquiry form. You can also call EYB if you live in the United States. The site doesn’t list the event prices, but we’re sure EYB will provide more details if you contact its agents.

Here’s a look at what the SEO Seminars in 2020-2021 generally have to offer:

  • Lead generation and filling the sales funnel
  • SEO scoring, tracking, and systems
  • Marketing automation – hierarchy and execution
  • Readiness analysis – where you are and where you should be

While the main focus is digital marketing, there are bound to be some valuable gems to aid your initiatives this coming year. It’s a pity that EYB doesn’t list event details upfront, making it look like it’s after your contact information for its database. Nevertheless, their SEO Seminars in 2020-2021 are worth looking into for any US business.

International SEO Training – Learn How to Implement a Global SEO Strategy

SEO seminars in 2020-2021

Boulder SEO Marketing (BSM) has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. It’s learned the value of applying SEO in different countries globally, making it valuable for businesses with an international outlook. The founder of BSM, Chris Raulf, is the primary presenter for their SEO Seminars in 2020-2021.

The recent online session was free and took place on 9 September 2020. It looked at multilingual websites with a core focus on international SEO. The target audience was businesses that host online content for readers worldwide, with strategies for different locations.

We’re certain we’ll see more SEO Seminars in 2020-2021 from this business. The topics cover more than the significance of using various languages and localizations, though. BSM also analyzes the effort that goes into finding rich keywords that are relevant in multiple countries. While the webinar is only 45 minutes long, you’ll learn how to expand your reach into other countries.

The online SEO seminar consists of the following:

  • Source-language SEO
  • Multilingual transcreation
  • Best practices for on- and off-page SEO
  • International technical SEO

The event is for online businesses who already grasp the fundamentals of SEO, but want to reach an international audience. BSM also offers its own SEO and SEM services, which you can read about on their website. You can register for their SEO Seminars in 2020-2021 on Eventbrite for free.

Google SEO Seminar Bootcamp

SEO seminars in 2020-2021

The American Management Association (AMA) is presenting an SEO seminar in 2020 that deals with Google rankings and SERPs. You have an option to attend either the classroom or online sessions. There are one upcoming physical session and four online classes.

Here’s the list of available options:

  • Physical classrooms:
    • 9 – 11 November 2020: Kirkland, Washington DC
  • Online classes:
    • 12 – 14 October 2020
    • 9 – 11 November 2020
    • 7 – 9 December 2020

Each event costs $1,495, in both physical or online classrooms. The content for the lessons is identical. Each day has its own set of workshops, which means you’ll need to attend all three days to make the most of it.

AMA requires you to have a headset with a microphone for online events. There will be interactive features, such as screen-sharing and live chats. If you register using the online form for any of the SEO Seminars in 2020-2021, AMA will send you an email reminder a week before it begins.

Here’s a quick look at what the three-day SEO seminar covers, which we suspect will continue for future SEO Seminars in 2020-2021:

  • Crucial tools and practices
  • Organic keywords and search intent
  • Benefits of images, videos, and social media
  • The metrics you should focus on
  • Improving SEO visibility

University of Chester Website and SEO Workshop

SEO seminars in 2020-2021

Chester, a public university in England, is hosting several SEO Seminars in 2020-2021. You must be a member of the ERDF Funded Cheshire & Warrington Business Growth Programme to attend these events. If your business is currently not a member, you can still register to qualify for the workshops.

Fortunately, the upcoming SEO seminar is free for eligible members. It’s due to take place on 7 October 2020 at the University of Chester, and it’ll last about three hours. Of course, you can remain after the event to talk to the speaker about your business’s SEO.

The keynote speaker for the event is Displace Digital’s Ian Maguire. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Maquire has assisted many companies with SEO and moving with trends. His expertise extends beyond England’s borders and across the globe.

Here’s what you can expect from these SEO Seminars in 2020-2021:

  • What SEO is and isn’t
  • Improving online visibility through tools
  • Optimizing your website
  • Local and international search intent
  • Content marketing

The SEO seminar’s core audience is small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who reside in Chester or the surrounding areas. You’ll need an active website because the lessons involve analyzing your own business as a practical example. The event organizers will contact you with more details once you register your interest on Eventbrite.

Three Sixtee Introduction To SEO Seminar

SEO seminars in 2020-2021

Three Sixtee will also host a free SEO seminar on 7 October 2020. This event will be one hour long, ensuring that you learn how an SEO works. Its core audience is beginners who want to learn how to receive more traffic from Google searches.

Abbey Oladapo, based in London and is the founder of Three Sixtee, is the speaker. He has over ten years of experience with digital marketing on Google and Facebook. His primary objective with this SEO seminar is training new website owners to achieve maximum traffic through search results.

The short event will include the following topics:

  • Learning the basics of search engine results
  • Understanding SEO and how it improves website traffic
  • Tips to increase your site’s views

It may not be as extensive as other seminars, but it’s perfect for new businesses with little knowledge of how SEO works. There will also be time allocated to ask some questions afterward. We don’t know if there will be more of these SEO Seminars in 2020-2021. However, you can register for this event on Three Sixtee’s site or Eventbrite.

Epic Website Design & SEO Seminar

SEO seminars in 2020-2021

The Electronics and Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC) will be hosting an online SEO seminar from Paignton, United Kingdom. Its target audience is SMEs from Devon and Somerset, and the event is free. The lessons focus on Google rankings and how you can use SEO to get those all-important clicks.

This event will last for four hours on 18 November 2020 and has some stringent requirements. You qualify if your company is an SME as per the UK definition, which depends on employee numbers and annual turnover. You’ll need to supply your company or unique taxpayer number when you register for any of their SEO Seminars in 2020-2021 on Eventbrite.

While there are other EPIC workshops available throughout the year, this event is the primary SEO seminar, investigating how Google analyzes websites. More significantly, its expertise lies in the technology industry. You’ll receive detailed information on how automation works and the tools you can use for your online business.

Here’s the complete list of topics that will be covered in their SEO Seminars in 2020-2021:

  • Website review and action plan
  • How Google works and how to improve your ranking
  • How to meet basic SEO requirements
  • Digital training and tools

As part of the SEO seminar, you can talk to the speakers about your own business. They’ll provide advice on how to improve your SME’s website. EPIC states that the value of this free event is £500.

Why You Need To Know About SEO Seminar

SEO seminars in 2020-2021

The South East Business Boost (SEBB) is known for offering financial grants to businesses that reside in Kent, East Sussex, and Essex. The European Regional Development Fund funds the organization, which is why it also provides free business advice to any SMEs in those areas. Thanks to this funding, this SEBB seminar is free of charge.

Emma Pearce will take the helm of these SEO Seminars in 2020-2021 with online presentations. She has experience in digital marketing as well as best practices. She’s based in Sussex, making it easier for her to understand struggles unique to SMEs in the region.

There are two sessions booked for the event. You can choose between 4 November 2020 or 4 February 2021. Conveniently, you can register directly on Eventbrite. However, we recommend SEBB’s website if you’re also looking for free business support.

Here’s what you can look forward to in these SEO Seminars in 2020-2021:

  • The significance of SEO
  • The impact of SEO on your business
  • Digital marketing
  • Practical tips and advice

It’s essential to remember that SEBB only offers support to SMEs in the regions listed above. Moreover, it only looks at small businesses, less than three years old, and that it hasn’t helped before. Its primary focus is improving your online presence and finances.

Google Analytics Masterclass

SEO seminars in 2020-2021

The Small Business Clinic (SBC) is an organization founded by volunteer business and law students. The SEO Seminars in 2020-2021 it offers are for SMEs and charities in the South Shropshire, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire regions of England. However, this hour and a half event is available for any company that has Google Analytics. 

The Google Analytics Masterclass online seminar takes place on 17 November 2020. Unlike most of the SEO Seminars for 2020-2021, there is a small cost of £21.43. The SBC also offers other seminars, but this event is currently the only one with a strong focus on SEO.

Attendees will be able to interact during the workshop, and you can ask questions or bring up topics for discussion. The SBC states that it won’t be a regular webinar, as it expects attendees to participate. There won’t be more than ten attendees, ensuring that SBC can spend quality time with each business.

These are the topics that SBC will cover at the Google Analytics Masterclass:

  • Learn how Google Analytics provides detailed website information
  • Gain knowledge of the metrics that GA provides
  • How to use GA data to improve your site
  • Use SEO for greater online visibility through Google Analytics

This seminar isn’t just about SEO. It integrates the results from Google Analytics to show how you can benefit from using tools. If you’re interested in attending this SEO seminar in 2020, feel free to register through Eventbrite.

SEO/SEA World Digital

SEO seminars in 2020-2021

SEO/ SEA World Digital (SWD) usually holds two annual events in Munich and Hamburg, Germany. The hosts scheduled the next SEO seminar for 29 October 2020. However, SWD has delayed it until 31 January 2021 due to COVID-19.

It will be a two-day online event, presented in German. The core focus will be on how to expand on platforms such as Google, Amazon, and Bing. There will also be SEM sessions for companies to interact with the speakers and ask questions regarding their businesses.

One significant benefit of the online SEO seminar is that SWD will record all interactions and discussions. You’ll receive workshop materials and recordings after the event, which means you can look back at it for future reference. The cost is €104.40 for both days.

Here are the details of what its SEO Seminars in 2020-2021 cover:

  • Google: keywords, analytics, BERT, and mobile
  • Amazon: overcoming crises and protecting brands
  • SEM interactive session

With the SEO seminar taking place in 2021, it will be an excellent start to the year, allowing you to focus on the path ahead. You’ll learn which new trends to expect and how developing technology will allow you to advance your website. We suspect that this seminar’s contents may change before it begins.

Final Thoughts On SEO Seminars in 2020-2021

With the current state of the world, it’s harder than ever to establish a substantial presence online. It’s never been more crucial to learn the best SEO practices to boost your website’s awareness. If you’d like to read more about SEO, feel free to browse our articles.