Drive traffic and sales with optimized Affiliate Content.

Today, quality content plays a key role in driving success in affiliate marketing. You need engaging, compelling, and informative content that will stand out and drive conversions. With Captain Words, you’ll get the best affiliate content writing service available.

Do you need optimized articles, blog posts, an ebook, or a custom landing page? We can do all that and more! At Captain Words, you’ll always get optimized affiliate content that drives sales.

Our Content Project Process and content services

Need an affiliate content service? Order any format, any time.

Our powerful and flexible affiliate content writing service is ideal for businesses just like yours! Our amazing, expert team uses industry-leading tools to create unique, highly-optimized, informative, and engaging affiliate content that’s tailored to your industry and audience.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got just the team for the job.

Why Captain Words is your best choice

Content that drives sales

Do you need content that'll reach your ideal audience and convert them into customers? As affiliate content experts, we know that each article and page needs to provide correct, informative, and engaging content that highlights benefits in an objective way. Our affiliate content service drives conversions with engaging, appealing, and informative content in a variety of formats.

Written by topical experts

Affiliate content represents both your brand and business, and that of your partner company. That means it needs to have the right tone of voice and target the correct audience. To provide you with the best affiliate content, you'll work with our team of topical experts - whatever your industry, we have a writing team with the skills to match your needs.

Well-researched and informative

For affiliate content to work, it needs to be well-researched, correctly targeted, optimized, and expertly written. The goal of any affiliate content is to convince readers to take action. That's why we thoroughly research your business, website, and audience to ensure your affiliate content catches the attention of your reader and compels them to take the required action.

Scalable and consistent content

We know that you need to be capable of putting out high-quality content consistently. However, you also need to ensure that the content itself is accurate and error-free. We have a thorough quality checks process in place to ensure that you only get the finest, well-written affiliate content that matches your requirements.

Optimized by SEO Specialists

Can search engines find and understand your content? Context is more important than ever and to reach your audience through organic search, your affiliate content needs to be optimized to appeal to both readers and search engines. Captain Words works with a team of SEO specialists to ensure your affiliate content is understood by search engines and can rank well.

One point of contact

We know you need to focus on running your business. That's why your content project will be handled by a professional project manager whose skills will be a perfect match for your needs. That's right - one dedicated point of contact. We'll arrange an introduction to your Project Manager, and they'll be available to assist you, whatever your needs.

Do you have questions about our affiliate content service?

Affiliate content is online copy that comes in various formats. It’s purpose is to tell visitors about a particular brand, affiliate product, or service while describing it’s benefits and features. The main goal of affiliate content is to encourage users to visit the company’s website and make a purchase using an affiliate link. In turn, the affiliate earns commission.

That’s where Captain Words comes in! Our experienced and talented team consists of SEO specialists and topical experts that can create affiliate content for a range of clients, industries, and audiences. We produce engaging, informative, and engaging content that drives conversions and encourages readers to take action. You can contact us to request a free sample of work and we’ll get started on your project right away.

Absolutely. Since we work with topical experts and SEO specialists, we know how to produce high-quality, factually correct affiliate content that will appeal to visitors and search engines. We understand how critical it is for affiliate marketing content drive sales and will thoroughly research your audience to ensure we hit the right target audience.

Absolutely! Just because the affiliate content need to drive sales, it doesn’t mean that we have to make your content sound “sales-y.” The trick to any excellent affiliate article is balancing the sales focus with natural language that entices users while still offering them valuable information. Users will often look up reviews and opinions before they make a buying decision. Our affiliate content writing service focus on providing these visitors with the info they want, while also encouraging them to buy using well-placed call’s to action.

SEO isn’t just important for affiliate articles – it’s essential. If people can’t find your reviews, lists, or other affiliate content online, they won’t use your links to buy products. That’s why every affiliate article we write goes through rigorous testing to ensure it’s keyword optimized and drives sales.

Captain Words employs excellent writers with cross-industry experience from around the world. If there’s a special skill you need, we likely have several writers who can meet your needs.

Yes, you do, and we can include the official disclaimer for you. Search engines and some countries require you to disclose sponsored content. If you don’t, your site, affiliate content, and links can be penalized.

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