Affiliate Content

Use our affiliate content writing services to create high-ranking content that sells.

Affiliate marketing content is an excellent way to generate a passive income through your website. By promoting products to your visitors, well-written affiliate content can turn an article into a profitable revenue source. However, affiliate marketing content is only effective if it’s well-written, SEO optimized, and converts visitors into buyers. If that were easy, everyone could become a millionaire.

High-ranking and converting affiliate content requires a strategic approach. At Captain Words, we combine quality content and focused branding with our SEO and writing expertise. The result is a polished affiliate article with natural links and converting language, boosting your chances of making an affiliate sale.

If your project requires special skills, industry experience, or knowledge, we’ll ensure that you get the best team to make your affiliate marketing project a resounding success.

Why Our Affiliate Articles?

Affiliate content has one singular goal: to convert your website visitors into buying customers. Our affiliate articles are expertly optimized and created by writers with an in-depth understanding of your industry and the products you market. Not only will your affiliate content be expertly optimized for search engines, you’ll receive content that sells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our affiliate content writing services? Here are a few common questions we’ve encountered to answer your questions. If you need more information, please contact us.

Absolutely! Just because the affiliate content need to drive sales, it doesn’t mean that we have to make them “sales-y.” The trick to any excellent affiliate article is balancing the sales focus with natural language that entices users while still offering them valuable information. Users will often look up reviews and opinions before they make a buying decision. Our affiliate content writing services focus on providing these visitors with the info they want, while also encouraging them to buy in a natural way, using well-placed call’s to action.

SEO isn’t just important for affiliate articles – it’s essential. If people can’t find your reviews, lists, or other content online, they won’t use your affiliate links to buy products. That’s why every affiliate article we write goes through rigorous testing to ensure it’s both converting and keyword optimized.

Captain Words employs excellent writers with cross-industry experience from around the world. If there’s a special skill you need, we likely have several writers who can meet your needs.

Yes, you do, and we can include the official disclaimer for you. Search engines and some countries require you to disclose sponsored content. If you don’t your site, affiliate content, and links can be penalized.

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Unlimited Scope

There's no limit to the size of the affiliate marketing projects our teams of experienced writers can handle. We can supply top affiliate content that's optimised to sell and rank on Google.

Multilingual Content

Our writers can provide affiliate marketing content in over 60 languages, with most having a native fluency. We can also translate existing content into new languages.


We can create affiliate marketing content for any product or service, regardless of the industry. We also assign writers that have the appropriate industry expertise.