Blog Copywriting

We provide blog writing services on a wide variety of topics.

Posting new blog content regularly keeps your site active and draws more traffic from popular search engines. At Captain Words, we understand how important quality blog content writing services are, and we work with top content creators from around the world.

Instead of using unreliable freelancing services, you need to work with an experienced team that guarantees quality and can meet strict deadlines. We have a team ready to provide you with blog writing services. Every writer has experience in the topics that they cover. Furthermore, we have an excellent team of copy editors and project managers to ensure that the writing is top-notch and caters to your needs.

We focus on improving the overall quality of your content while optimizing for search engines and user intent.  At Captain Words, we allocate articles to writers who are well-versed in several subject matters. They have keen minds for creativity, flow, and readability of blog articles.

Most importantly, we provide blog content writing services at affordable prices, making large blog writing projects a reality for small and large publishers.

Why Our Content Services?

Many businesses turn to our blog writing services due to the problems encountered by hiring a freelance writer. Even when they employ writers in-house, specific issues arise that are detrimental to their online reputation.

By working with Captain Words, you’ll have access to regular, high-quality blog post writing services that are rigorously tested for quality, SEO optimized, and plagiarism-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our blog content writing services? Here are a few common questions we’ve encountered to answer your questions. If you need more information, please contact us.

There are a few reasons why it’s better to work with a professional blog post writing service rather than a freelancer. One of the biggest problems is writing original content. Freelance writers often try to take shortcuts in delivering long articles. Instead of providing new content, they copy material from other sources. This practice leads to plagiarism and could have some serious legal repercussions for your business. To prevent plagiarism issues, we use Copyscape Pro to ensure all blog content is unique.

Another issue is with writer versatility. Freelance writers usually enjoy producing articles about topics that they love. On the other hand, they may struggle with subject matters that they don’t completely understand. Our blog writers are well versed in a wide variety of topics, and we’ll always assign experienced teams to your projects.

The turnaround time is essential for any business. How many articles do you think one freelance writer can cover in a week? We don’t merely assign one writer to complete the articles. Whether you have 20 projects or 200, we employ large teams of writers for our blog writing services to deliver the content to you as quickly as possible.

The best part of hiring a company to write your articles is improved customer service. Imagine having to deal with several freelance writers and the complications that come with each one. We manage our teams on your behalf, while our project managers ensure that they follow instructions to the letter.

It depends on the length of the article. Within our blog content writing services process, our editors check the work, and the project managers ensure that writers have followed the instructions. As soon as you send us your project details, we’ll confirm the turnaround time for each article.

Yes, you may. However, if the revision substantially contradicts the original project brief, we will charge a fee for the additional work. Should you change the instructions before our writer starts the project, then we won’t request additional payment for our blog writing services.

We can write a 500-word blog post or tackle a 100,000-word project – the sky is the limit. With our sizeable writing teams, we can handle small and large blog content writing projects with ease.

Unlimited Scope

We can write blog post writing services for as little as 500 words and up - there's no limit to the size of project we can handle. We can meet your word goals.

Multilingual Content

Our writers can provide content in over 60 languages, with most having a native fluency. We can also translate existing content into new languages.

SEO Optimized

All our blog posts are optimized to rank highly in search engines. We also account for user intent to ensure you get the best possible results.