We provide high-quality copywriting services tailored to your project.

Copywriting services improve the content of your website or advertising campaign. It makes your articles fun to read in a creative way, while providing valuable marketing information that doesn’t look like spam. However, there are some pitfalls to avoid when it comes to hiring copywriters.

For instance, many business owners believe that copywriting requires no skills and that they can perform the tasks themselves. Alternatively, they hire freelance writers who don’t truly grasp the correct concepts of copywriting. They finally turn to companies that offer professional services when all else fails.

At Captain Words, we work with professional copywriters that only deliver the best content. Book a free demo with us to see how we work.

Why Our Copywriters?

Our copywriting team can handle large quantities of articles, and with specific weekly goals, you are guaranteed of excellent turnaround times. Your dedicated project manager will also help ensure that our experienced copywriters meet your needs by providing high-quality work.

All content goes through a rigorous testing and quality control process, involing PMs, team leaders, copy editors, and proofreaders. If you’re not happy with your copywriting services, you’re always welcome to contact our dedicated support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our copywriting services? Here are a few common questions we’ve encountered to answer your questions. If you need more information, please contact us.

We accept orders over 5,000 words. There is no maximum limit to the number of articles we can produce.

Yes. Our teams consist of writers with years of experience in copywriting services sourced remotely throughout the world. Therefore, we also offer to copywrite in different languages or translate copywritten material for you.

Our copywriting services team is dedicated to the industry, and we have writers, editors, content managers, and project managers with all the necessary experience. We’ve delivered outstanding quality content in past projects covering online sportsbooks, casinos, bingo, slots, and others as you need.

Our current clients know what we can do and keep coming back for more. We pride ourselves on the relationships we create with our customers and stakeholders.

Our copywriting services team’s focus is on delivering information to potential customers in a concise manner; we’re not about filling up the word count. 

Promotion is a part of this, and our research and history show us that customers want the latest information explained simply, rather than a spammy promo piece that screams ‘sales’. 

We have the know-how within our copywriting services team to cover all your needs. Check out some of the benefits we have seen in past projects completed by the team here at Captain Words:

  • Increase in the relevance of traffic visiting your site
  • Higher conversion rate from site visitors
  • Better ranking on search engines
  • Better customer engagement on blogs and promotion pieces
  • Reduced word count with the same level of detail
  • Higher CTR including social media posts and email marketing

We consistently produce content for copywriting services that beats the competition and to do this, we know that we need to keep up to date. All our writers and editors have access to the top iGaming sites and are encouraged to spend time learning and growing in knowledge.

This way, we can experience the best in the industry first hand, which shapes how we produce the highest-quality content for you.

Sometimes it makes business sense to perform the writing in-house. They’ve run the copywriting services for years, so they are intricately tied to them with a wealth of knowledge. Additionally, they don’t feel they need someone else to write about their products.

However, it’s precisely for this reason that you need external copywriting services. You are too close to your products and can’t see any blind spots. To effectively market your products, you need to explain how it solves their problems.

Since you are so involved with your strategy, it’s hard to see it from your client’s perspective. You might not have the time or energy to analyze your audience with every single article. Focus your company resources on your core business, instead.

Copywriting services specialize in identifying market needs and how it relates to your products. Their core task is to produce content that draws in more customers. Moreover, they write from a fresh perspective to which readers can relate.

You may have read online that it doesn’t take much skill to be a copywriter. Freelance writers will inform you that all they need to do is perform research to create the best content for you. However, this sales tactic diverts from the truth that copywriting does indeed require specific skills.

The most obvious skill is expertise in the written language. It doesn’t only refer to grammar and spelling, but also aspects such as localization, and use of the active voice. In particular, the writer must deliver the sentences in such a way that it makes a lasting impact on the reader.

Our writers aren’t only skilled in several languages, but they also have broad vocabularies. They don’t overuse the same words in an article, providing content that reads easily, and that most readers can understand. Businesses often make the mistake of using the same terms several times to imprint their services onto the reader. More often than not, it drives potential clients away.

Copywriters also need a passion for writing about your services. A dull article may represent a writer who shows no interest in learning about the topic, or who merely completes assignments for a paycheck. We allocate projects to our team based on their experience and enjoyment for writing about specific subject matters. In this way, we ensure the best quality.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to convince the readers to engage with you regarding your products or services. The best skill any copywriter can have is the ability to put themselves in the client’s shoes. They must be able to switch perspectives between the business point of view and the potential customer.

These qualities above are what we focus on when providing copywriting services to our clients.

Unless you have a copywriter in your marketing team, all the marketers will focus on is how best to sell your products. While they accurately advertise your services, do they appeal to the reader’s needs? How is your product better than the hundreds of similar items sold on the internet?

When marketing teams write content, it can look like spam. Of course, the main reason is that they are solely concentrating on selling the product. They don’t look at aspects such as what retains clients and the other services you can offer to improve your business.

The final consideration is that copywriting services detracts from the marketing team’s core work. If your marketers are writing your content, who is advertising your services? You can have a more effective delivery if you employ a copywriting company to provide these articles for you.

It’s true that many copywriters charge exorbitant fees for their writing. They don’t know when they will get their next assignment, so they need to make enough on one article to last until the next. To this end, they push their prices higher.

However, you’ll pay less when employing a company for copywriting services. For instance, we have several clients that provide us with hundreds of articles per month. We also provide a standard fee for all copywriters based on your needs. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about excessive prices.

You may feel that you’re saving money by doing it yourself. Yet, have you considered the other costs? For example, write a 2000 words article about your services and then ask the following questions:

  • How much time or money have you lost writing the article and not running your business?
  • What value in money have you spent on each member in your marketing team to write it?
  • Has the article received views or converted into sales to cover the above costs?
  • Have you missed out on any business opportunities while writing?

In the end, you may save more money with a copywriting services company than by performing the work in-house.

Unlimited Scope

We have experienced copywriters with experience in many fields. Our teams can manage small and large writing projects.

Translation Services

Our writers can provide content in over 60 languages, with most having a native fluency. We can also translate existing content into new languages.

Top Skills

Captain Words has access to top copywriters from around the world, which means you get only the best teams for your copywriting project.