Accurate editing and proofreading services.

Captain Words has handpicked top editors and proofreaders from around the world. We’ve helped businesses, website owners, publishers, non-native speakers, and academic clients improve the quality of their content through our editing and proofreading services.

Whether you simply need a proofreader to ensure the accuracy of your documents or an editor to provide extensive improvements, our attention to detail and affordable rates are unmatched.

Our Content Project Process and content services

Need editing and proofreading services? 100% Accurate, guaranteed.

With our editing team, you’ll have access to world-class editing and proofreading services. Captain Words has the capacity to manage extensive editing projects while our process ensures quality control and fast turnaround times. We also strive to protect your privacy through confidentiality.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got just the team for the job.

Why Captain Words is your best choice

100% Unique and accurate

When you hire our editing and proofreading services team, every piece of content is tested and reviewed using premium tools. We also ensure that all facts and figures are double-checked.

Written by topical experts

We understand that it’s important for writers to understand your goals, audience, and industry, and that’s why you’ll work with our team of topical experts on your editing and proofreading project. Whatever your industry, we have an editing team with the skills to match your needs.

Clarity, tone, and flow

As part of our editing and proofreading services, we can revise awkward vocabulaty, strengthen your language, and make your content more compelling and appealing to your target audience.

Comments and feedback

As part of our editing and proofreading service, our editing team will leave comments and feedback within your documents to explain why certain changes were made. You can easily approve or reject any recommendations, or make your own suggestions as we work.

Optimized by SEO Specialists

If we're reviewing your digital content, our team of SEO specialists will also get involved. We'll ensure that your edited content will appeal to your audience and to search engines.

One point of contact

We know you need to focus on running your business. Your content project will be handled by a professional project manager whose skills will perfectly match your needs. We’ll introduce you to your Project Manager, and they’ll be available to assist you, whatever your needs.

Do you have questions about our editing and proofreading services?

That depends on the current status of your content. If you’re early in the revision or editing process, a standard editor would be the best fit for your needs. If you have a final draft and need someone to go through it with a fine-tooth comb, you need a copy editor. When your document is complete and about to be published online, you use a proofreader to conduct the final checks. We provide all these services.

There are several different kinds of editing and proofreading services, and choosing the wrong type of editor can affect the overall quality of your project. The first step to avoid this costly mistake is to understand that there are many different types of editing. Here are the types of editing and proofreading services we provide:

  • Article Editorial Assessment: Quick article review that allows our editor to provide you with feedback and guidance. This is a macro assessment, and while an editor will make minor changes, they don’t go into detail. These assessments typically happen at the start of a project.
  • Development Editing: Another type of macro editing, development editing is also known as substantial editing. It focuses on the structure, theme, narrative, flow, pace, ideas, perspective, tone, logic, and clarity of the piece to maintain consistency.
  • Structural Editing: Structural editing is the first step in micro editing. The editor will check the content, analyze paragraphs, readability, and make revisions.
  • Copy Editing: A copy editor will focus on the core quality of your content. They look at every sentence and their attention to detail must be on point. Our copy editors review grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the overall in-depth quality of your content.
  • Proofreading: That’s the final step in the process. Proofreaders give the content a final once-over to ensure that it’s 100% error-free.

Yes, we can. As part of our editing and proofreading services, we also verify that all the facts, statistics, and other referenced information is correct. If needed, we can also provide sources and look for updated details to add to your existing content.

Captain Words employs excellent editors with cross-industry experience from around the world. If there’s a special skill you need, we likely have several editors who can meet your needs.

Depending on the scope of work, we may assign more than one editor to your project. However, sometimes an editor and a client simply “click” and work extremely well together. If one of our editors exceeds your expectations, you’re welcome to request their exclusive attention. If you prefer to have one of our editors work exclusively on your project, please contact our management team to discuss a managed services arrangement.