Hire Writers per Hour

Hire a team of writers per hour to get dedicated content services.

With the advance of internet technology, the online world is competitive in several industries. It isn’t enough to write random content, hoping it will reach the right audience. You need the best quality in writing, whether it’s for your landing page, blog, or affiliate reviews.

Most businesses lack the time and skill to produce content that inspires readers and calls them to action. Hiring writers per hour can help you focus on your business while expanding your online presence.

Captain Words can offer you access to a team of skilled, dedicated writers to meet all your needs. Contact us to find out how you can hire writers per hour and get the most out of your content.

Why Our Hourly Writers?

Captain Words employs skilled writers, making their services available to you at affordable rates. You’ll receive a dedicated project manager to oversee your content while providing support and quality control.

There’s no limit to the number of articles we can cover on a weekly basis. Get quality articles, research, and high value content by hiring one of our writing teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about hiring hourly writers from Captain Words? Here are a few common questions we’ve encountered to answer your questions. If you need more information, please contact us.

We have hundreds of writers available for your projects, each with their expertise. As soon as you provide us with your project details, we can let you know how many writers we can assign for that subject matter. As time goes on, we can adjust the number of writers depending on whether you need more or less content.

Yes. Quality control is  critical part of our process. We work with a professional editing and proofreading team to ensure that our hourly writers only produce the best content. Project managers will also review the outlines, instructions, and content while ensuring we meet your deadlines.

Yes, we can. The number of writers per hour that we assign to a project depends on how many articles you need us to produce. Whether it’s 50 or 500 articles, we can help you. Please keep in mind that we have a minimum limit of 5,000 words per order.

Yes. Most of our projects require keyword phrases and SEO integration. To this end, we use SEO online tools such as Yoast and keyword density analyzers to ensure that the words appear naturally in the text while meeting your SEO needs. That’s how significant our writers per hour service is to us.

It’s often said that time is money. This statement is especially true when you aren’t sure whether you’ll see a return on investment. With regards to website content, quality articles only work when it translates to sales or a passive income.

When you pay writers per word, you aren’t placing any priority on deadlines and time. They inflate the word count, working several days on one project while rushing articles for better-paying jobs. The articles also lose quality since the main focus is including as many words as possible for the best pay.

Our company charges one flat rate for our writers per hour. You’ll have in-house writers working on your projects every day for several hours, with one point of contact for the entire team. This method ensures that writers meet deadlines while preventing you from wasting valuable time on marketing, applications, and administration.

Unlimited Scope

We have experienced hourly writers with expertise in many fields. Our teams can manage small and large writing projects in any niche.


Our prices are affordable and transparent so that you can get a clear view of where your money goes and how much ROI your articles are generating.

End-to-End Service

When you use our hourly service, you'll receive writers, editors, and a dedicated project manager, ensuring that you only get top quality content.