iGaming Content

Use our igaming content writing services to market your software and games.

At Captain Words, we have a large team that specializes in optimized iGaming content, ranging from sports betting site and casino game reviews, to full guides, affiliate articles,  slot reviews, and tutorials. We understand that iGaming content services require top-quality articles with great attention to detail.

Our iGaming content is curated and expertly optimized to increase traffic to your casino and affiliate website. We focus on boosting traffic to your website, while ensuring that quality iGaming content keeps visitors coming back.

We’ve proudly helped platforms, game suppliers, casino operators, and affiliates by providing top-quality content. We adapt our iGaming content to take advantage of the latest SEO trends, industry changes, and best practices.

Our top iGaming content services team has the expertise required to create valuable, informative content. We’ve worked with several iGaming clients, and bring our passion and expertise to every project.

Why Our iGaming Articles?

We spend many hours coaching and training our writers to produce optimized, excellent iGaming content services to casinos, sports betting operators, agencies, and affiliates. Our writers have extensive experience writing iGaming content in over 60 languages. Our goal is to ensure you receive valuable, high-ranking, expertly optimized iGaming content tailored to your needs.

We can produce iGaming content services for casino and sportsbook reviews, offers, outreach, slot reviews, how-to guides, promotions, and more. Ask us; there’s a good chance we have done it before and can do it for you!

Focus on High-Quality iGaming Content

We help casinos, sportsbooks, agencies, and affiliates with optimized, top-quality iGaming content in over 60 languages.

Captain Words has vast experience crafting creative, accurate, and relevant iGaming content for casino operators, sportsbooks, software suppliers, and affiliates. We can localize sites and campaigns, provide search engine optimized copy, and even translate game rules or put together detailed guides. We can also test and provide slot reviews and walkthroughs.

While working with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager that specializes in iGaming. We work hard to attract top iGaming writers who have extensive experience and a keen interest in the industry. Captain Words also ensures that all iGaming content meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our iGaming content writing services? Here are a few common questions we’ve encountered to answer your questions. If you need more information, please contact us.

The iGaming market is saturated with games, casinos, and a wide variety of options for customers to browse and enjoy. Users are continually looking for professional reviews to find the best games and reading How-To guides to learn “how to win.” If there’s no decent content to guide them on their decision, they’re almost certain to choose an option that has. Modern customers don’t waste time reading poorly constructed and keyword-stuffed articles, and in reality, they won’t give you a second chance either. 

With our high-ranking iGaming content services, you can lure more users to your casino, game, or affiliate page, and allow players to stumble onto your website naturally. We can save you time and money with reasonable rates and the guarantee of impressive results with our iGaming content services.

Captain Words employs excellent writers with cross-industry experience from around the world. If there’s a special skill you need, we likely have several writers who can meet your needs.

We have the know-how within our team to cover all your needs. Check out some of the benefits we have seen in past projects completed by the team here at Captain Words:

  • Increase in the relevance of traffic visiting your site
  • Higher conversion rate from site visitors
  • Better ranking on search engines
  • Better customer engagement on blogs and promotion pieces
  • Reduced word count with the same level of detail
  • Higher CTR including social media posts and email marketing

We consistently produce iGaming content services that beat the competition and to do this, we know that we need to keep up to date. All our writers and editors have access to the top iGaming sites and are encouraged to spend time learning and growing in knowledge. This way, we can experience the best in the industry first hand, which shapes how we produce the highest-quality content for you.

Unlimited Scope

We can write iGaming content from as little as 300 words and up - there's no limit to the size of project we can handle. We can cover website, email, and even social media iGaming content.

Multilingual Content

Our writers can provide affiliate marketing content in over 60 languages, with most having a native fluency. We can also translate existing content into new languages.

High Value

We provide articles packed with high-value content, increasing your traffic and reducing bounce rates. We offer the best value for the work we do and follow your guidelines to the letter.