Boost conversion rates with an optimized Landing Page.

Landing pages are invaluable assets and one of your business’s best inbound marketing tools. They must gather leads and convert visitors using interesting, useful information and a clear, eye-catching CTA.

We can craft landing pages that rank well and boost your conversion rates. With Captain Words, you’ll receive the best landing page content writing service.

Our Content Project Process and content services

Need a landing page writing service? Order any format, any time.

Our landing page content writing service is flexible and robust, and we can craft various types of content to suit your needs. We use industry-leading tools to create unique, highly-optimized, informative, and engaging landing page content tailored to your industry and target audience.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got just the team for the job.

Why Captain Words is your best choice

100% Unique and accurate

We know that quality landing pages need to be 100% unique and provide correct, informative, and engaging information. We commit to creating original content for you. Every page is tested and checked for plagiarism using premium tools. We also ensure that all facts and figures are double-checked.

Written by topical experts

We understand that it’s important for writers to understand your goals, audience, and industry, and that’s why you’ll work with our team of topical experts on your landing page content project. Whatever your industry, we have a writing team with the skills to match your needs.

Edited and proofread

Landing page content must be well-written and free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. If there are errors, your audience will lose trust in your brand, product, or service. Our editors review all work manually and use premium tools, ensuring you never receive anything less than perfection.

High converting landing pages

Not only must your landing pages be error-free, but they must also use language that inspires and drive users to take a specific action. Our landing page content writers can craft highly-optimized landing pages designed to convince your website visitors to act and convert.

Optimized by SEO Specialists

Can search engines find and understand your content? Context is more important than ever, so you need optimized landing pages that will appeal to your audience and search engines. Captain Words works with a team of SEO specialists to ensure your content can be understood by search engines and rank well.

One point of contact

We know you need to focus on running your business. Your content project will be handled by a professional project manager whose skills will perfectly match your needs. We’ll introduce you to your Project Manager, and they’ll be available to assist you, whatever your needs.

Do you have questions about our landing page writing service?

A landing page is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing arsenal. A good landing page design will help you collect leads, boost your marketing campaigns, address customers’ pain points, and use clear, engaging copy to convert visitors into leads.

There are various types of landing pages, including products or services pages, sign-up forms, and more. However, the end goal is always to inspire visitors to act. Our landing page services help you promote and reach your goals.

First, a landing page needs clear and strong offers. Visitors need to see your offer or required action immediately upon entering the page. Next, it’s critical to use “trust signals.” With the number of scams and unreliable offers available online, you need to indicate to users that you are trustworthy, or they’ll never share their personal information. Using customer testimonials may help.

Finally, address visitors’ pain points before closing the deal with a compelling and actionable call-to-action to help users move forward. Once the content and layout are complete, testing your landing pages is vital. That’s the only way to determine if your landing page copy is effective.

As long as you need it to be. A clear, concise landing page can work wonders if you’re asking users to subscribe to a newsletter. However, if you’re trying to convince your audience to break out their credit cards, you may need to incorporate a little more content. Pictures, graphics, and video elements can also help get your message across clearly and quickly.

We can tackle any type of landing page content you need, including splash, lead capturing, email address capturing, sales, referral, and squeeze landing pages! Our landing page content writing service also includes editing, proofreading, and plagiarism testing to ensure you only get the best quality content.

It doesn’t need to be – it must be. If you need a landing page, your goal is likely to reach and convert your online visitors into leads or paying customers. To reach those users, you need compelling content that’ll rank well on search engines. Our landing page content writers will ensure your content is expertly optimized to improve your site’s performance and make it stand out from your competitors.

Yes, you can. However, there’s no surefire way to guarantee that your chosen freelancer has the topical expertise you need or that they can provide the quality of work you require. Working through a content service like Captain Words is always better. We test and verify the capabilities of each writer, ensuring you only get the best content available.

With our landing page content service, language is no longer a barrier. We offer content in over 60 languages and dialects. If you target various global markets, you may need multilingual content to reach the entirety of your online audience.

We always ensure that your landing pages are written by native speakers of the languages you request. That way, you’ll always receive high-quality content that’ll convert your intended audience.

Captain Words employs excellent writers with cross-industry experience from around the world. If there’s a special skill you need, we likely have several writers who can meet your needs.

Depending on the scope of work, we may assign more than one writer to your project. However, sometimes a writer and a client simply “click” and work extremely well together. If one of our writers exceeds your expectations, you’re welcome to request their exclusive attention. If you prefer to have one of our writers work exclusively on your project, please contact our management team to discuss a managed services arrangement.