Multilingual Copywriting

We write multilingual copy in over 60+ languages.

Multilingual copywriting doesn’t only refer to providing content in different languages. It consists of the entire SEO production process, using material and keywords relevant for various countries. In a modern world where business services reach across the globe via the internet, multilingual copywriting is essential for the online success of any marketing strategy.

Through our experience with today’s digital world, we’ve grown to understand why multilingual copywriting is so significant. That’s why we provide content in over 60 languages with native writers. Feel free to contact us today to discuss how we can provide this service to you.

Why Our Multilingual Writers?

Your initial reason for seeking multilingual copywriting may simply be to acquire content for your sites in different languages. We believe there is more value in it for you, which is why we take pride in our specialized approach. We understand that multilingual copywriting needs the expertise of fluent native speakers and specialists from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our multilingual content writing services? Here are a few common questions we’ve encountered to answer your questions. If you need more information, please contact us.

You may have noticed that we also provide translation and localization services, begging the question of why we would offer multilingual copywriting writing services. Despite being often confused, they are not the same. The first makes use of existing content, while the second creates something new from scratch.

When we provide translations services, we take articles you already have and write them in different languages, based on the region’s localization. You’ve established the marketing strategy, outline, keywords, and user intent. We ensure to retain the same meaning, with fluent text as if it was produced in the target country.

Multilingual copywriting doesn’t consist of any translations. Instead, our writers create fresh content for each language that you need it in, ensuring that each country reads something different. We’ll keep your outline and marketing strategy, aiming to meet the requirements for your various websites around the world.

Firstly, you can tap into more lucrative markets in other countries. It results in a greater audience, which could entail extensive revenue for you. Multilingual copywriting is also a cost-effective way of marketing your content, services, or products overseas.

You’ll be able to improve your SEO rankings in other languages too. In this way, you provide solutions to user intent and queries to readers in their native languages. You don’t need different teams in your business to do so. It’s as easy as hiring a company like ours with writers in over 60 languages to create the content for you.

English in the UK is different from English in the US. The same can be said about Spanish in the home country as opposed to in Brazil. People speak and write diversely, which has a massive impact on how they search for products and services on the internet. With Google moving towards voice-optimized searches, the way people ask questions will also change. Since our multilingual writers are native in several languages, they understand the phrases and idioms specific to their regions. This aspect is crucial if you want to make the most of reaching your target audiences in various countries.

In short, yes we do. We understand that different locations use different ways to search for answers, and we account for that when doing SEO.

Of course, it’s not just about readers being able to read and understand your content. We have a strong belief in making new connections and networking with huge brands. If you can create relationships with customers that have different cultures and backgrounds, you’ll earn their trust.

The more you can show that you have a grasp of their culture and native language, the more your clients and partners will want to do business with you. It’s about establishing your brand, not only in your location but also internationally. That’s why producing multilingual copywriting with the perfect dialect for you is so significant to us.

Most of the orders we receive for multilingual copywriting are for online articles. While we’ve become proficient in delivering hundreds of posts for sites around the world, there are other multilingual copywriting services. Here are a few examples:

  • Website content: outlines and text for your site pages.
  • Press releases: promotions and news about your business and products.
  • Affiliate material: copywriting that includes links to affiliate products.
  • Social media: multilingual copywriting for social channels.
  • Blog writing: daily content in different languages for your sites.
  • Guest blogging: guest posts for your outreach programs.
  • SEO content writing: articles with a key focus on SEO and search engine ranking.

Our main clients usually ask us for online articles, but we can produce other types of content too. A few examples include product reviews, application descriptions, affiliate news, press releases, and website page content. There’s no order too big that we can’t handle; we’re ready to tackle any project scope.

We also have experience in numerous industries, which is helpful when dealing with different countries in the world. We have an excellent reputation in producing material that engages with the audience, adding value to the reader with focused user intent.

You may have read online that it doesn’t take much skill to be a copywriter. Freelance writers will inform you that all they need to do is perform research to create the best content for you. However, this sales tactic diverts from the truth that copywriting does indeed require specific skills.

The most obvious skill is expertise in the written language. It doesn’t only refer to grammar and spelling, but also aspects such as localization, and use of the active voice. In particular, the writer must deliver the sentences in such a way that it makes a lasting impact on the reader.

Our writers aren’t only skilled in several languages, but they also have broad vocabularies. They don’t overuse the same words in an article, providing content that reads easily, and that most readers can understand. Businesses often make the mistake of using the same terms several times to imprint their services onto the reader. More often than not, it drives potential clients away.

Copywriters also need a passion for writing about your services. A dull article may represent a writer who shows no interest in learning about the topic, or who merely completes assignments for a paycheck. We allocate projects to our team based on their experience and enjoyment for writing about specific subject matters. In this way, we ensure the best quality.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to convince the readers to engage with you regarding your products or services. The best skill any copywriter can have is the ability to put themselves in the client’s shoes. They must be able to switch perspectives between the business point of view and the potential customer.

These qualities above are what we focus on when providing multilingual copywriting services to our clients.

Unlimited Scope

We can write blog post writing services for as little as 5,000 words and up - there's no limit to the size of project we can handle. We can meet your word goals.

Localized Content

Our writers can provide content in over 60 languages, with most having a native fluency. We can also translate existing content into new languages.

SEO Optimized

All our blog posts are optimized to rank highly in search engines. We also account for user intent to ensure you get the best possible results.