Software Content Services with that right tone of voice

Software apps and programs form part of our daily lives. You use them for chatting, designing images and videos, planning your day, developing games, applying for jobs, and so much more. Did you know that most companies use agencies like Captain Words to deliver software content services for or about these platforms so that you can experience and learn about them?

Whether you’re a developer of an app looking for content, a publisher wishing to market new program features, or simply a site manager wanting more traffic, outsourcing software content services is the best solution. Get ready to reach your audience in a brand new way!

Our Content Project Process and content services

Need a software content writing service? Order any type, any time.

When it comes to software content writing, there isn’t only one type of service required. So many sectors need assistance with the correct words, grammar, and localization. Our teams are flexible, offering an expansive scope for enriching your programs or marketing them to the public. Even if you’re only running a site about applications to draw more traffic to your actual products, we have the SEO skills to ensure you reach your target audience.

The most significant element is that our writers, editors, and project managers are passionate about software programs and applications in all spheres, and we cover all available platforms and operating systems. Here’s a general overview of our software content writing services.

Why Captain Words is your best choice

100% Unique and accurate

Many sites publish content on the latest software programs and apps various platforms. When we produce content, we ensure it’s 100% unique with a voice and tone you won’t find anywhere else. Even if you need us to replicate information, we’ll do so in a way that doesn’t copy the source. We also ensure we only use factually correct details and data.

Driving site traffic

Many websites publish content about new apps and programs to drive traffic to the site in an endeavor to promote their products and services. With our topical experts across several software fields, you’ll see your traffic increase soon after engaging in our services. It’s a feature that also assists in teaching your target audience more about your own programs.

Edited and proofread

You want your readers and users to enjoy reading about services and products without any grammatical errors. Our team of editors use premium tools to ensure that the content reads naturally while offering the best quality information as possible. We even ensure it suits the localization and language of your target audience.

Increasing download rates

Some businesses offer software downloads, usually free or on a trial basis. When potential users are in doubt, they read online reviews first. Trust in us to provide expert content and advice, with testimonials and guides on how to use the programs properly. We’ll discover new ways to increase download rates.

Optimized by SEO Specialists

With so many sites writing about the same software releases and guides, it can be challenging to rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. Our SEO team checks the order before we assign it to the writing team, making sure all SEO aspects are covered. In this way, you can compete against others for first place on search rankings.

One point of contact

We have a diverse team that consists of SEO specialists, editors, writers, and content managers. To make it easier on you, you’ll be assigned a project manager that will ensure all your orders arrive on time and in the quality you expect. They’ll work hand-in-hand with your team to provide optimal software content services.

Do you have questions about our software content writing service?

Usually, companies hire content agencies to produce content for them so that they can focus on their core business. These core duties may entail promoting and selling software apps, expanding their brand, or meeting new clients to make use of their programs. While you concentrate on that, we’ll develop the content for your website.

Software content services aren’t simply about writing and sending content. Our team optimizes the assignments for search engines, ensuring that they rank as high as possible. Project managers make sure all orders arrive on time, while our editors provide the best quality for the language and localization.

We can provide content for any type of software you need. These include, but aren’t limited to, mobile apps, computer programs, console games and applications, streaming platforms, and so much more. We’re also flexible for the type of content you need, such as guides, reviews, listicles, and plenty more.

As long as you provided us with a full briefing and possible meetings to better understand the software, our team has writers and editors with knowledge of software development. We’re able to provide technical documentation, SOPs, actual written content for the software that the users will read, development roadmaps, and much more!

We usually assign several writers and editors based on experience to projects so that we can deliver on time while increasing the scope. However, we’ve had occasions where a writer finds the perfect voice that the client loves. If you discover writers that deliver the exact quality you need, you can request to have them assigned exclusively to your orders.