Social Media Copywriting: Making Marketing Content Come Alive

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Social Media Copywriting Making Marketing Content Come Alive

Many business owners, sellers, and just about anyone trying to catch and retain readers’ attention all ask a similar question. “How do I keep my visitors interested?” The answer to this question comes in the form of professional copywriting, which has become a widespread practice in the modern market.

But what about social media? Can these same techniques of retention and engaging interest really work for social media content the same way that it works for advertisement material and websites? You might be surprised to find out that it’s been tested, and the results seem to point positive. Below, we’ll cover what this means for your social media content as we touch upon the following topics:

  • The basics of social media copywriting.
  • How to improve your content engagement.
  • Optimizing content.
  • The benefits of professional copywriters.

What Is Social Media Copywriting?

Simply put, social media copywriting is the process of creating engaging, persuasive social posts about your web content. In the same way that web copywriting has been creatively used in advertising for other services and products, social media copywriting can do the same. It can drive attention, engagement, and interest to your content with unique material that retains potential viewers’ attention.

Simply put social media copywriting is the process of creating professional written content for your social media
Simply put, social media copywriting is the process of creating professional written content for your social media.

The benefits of this seem obvious, but it actually does a number of benefits that many don’t fully realize.

A Unique Identity

Creative, well written content can set you miles apart from similar competition in your market. It distinguishes your brand with a unique voice. People won’t always remember your content, but they’ll remember a feeling it gave them, especially if that emotion is strong enough to catch their attention. They’ll identify your content if it has a personality and a voice capable of forging a connection, and once they’ve grown attached to that personality, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Fostering Interaction

It’s easy for content creators to feel like performers, separated from their audience as they work on each post as if on a stage. Communities flourish far more when there’s a collaboration between you and your visitors. When a creator can give the feeling that there is a conversation to be had with their audience, their viewers can connect with them far better.

Blatant advertising can destroy this feeling of connection in favor of a corporate-feeling advertisement process. Professionally written copy, however, can have a flavor and personality to it to make it feel like a creator is trying to talk to their audience through this content, furthering that connection

Inspiring Action

In the end, it all comes down to the final click. Whether it be a purchase, a like, or even just clicking on a page that you want your audience to check out, social media copywriting content is perfect for driving engagement where you’re trying to get it.

This can be as simple as outright asking your audience to do something at the end of engaging content (so long as it’s done well enough that they’re still fully invested by the end), or as subtle as leaving hints here and there throughout the writing.

Tips To Improve Your Social Media Content Copy

It’s clear to see that social media copywriting is practically a must due to its benefits. But, how does one go about creating personalized, engaging content for their audience? And if it’s so beneficial, why doesn’t everyone do it?

While many creators have begun to realize the importance of social media copywriting, doing it properly can be a lot harder than it looks. While no methods of retaining audience attention are 100% universal for all forms of content, here are a few tips that we recommend to really help your social media content copy.

Make Emotion-Driven Content That Feels Personal

Users can be extremely sensitive to the tone of your content and the last thing you want is to sound robotic. A monotone voice in your writing gives the sensation of an advertisement from the very start. It will seem like all you want to do is write just enough to sell something to the reader.

Emotional content always performs - that's why we love puppy videos
Emotional content always performs – that’s why we love puppy videos.

Instead, approach the topic from an angle that can seem personal to you. Talk about it in a way that shows your emotional connection to the subject at hand. If it seems like it means something to you, the better the odds that it might mean something to your reader.

Polls & Questions – Make the Reader Interact

You don’t want social content that feels like a college lecture. Yes, you want to inform the reader about your website, articles, products, or services, but you don’t want to talk at them. Use creative methods to engage with them and make them interact with the content they’re reading. 

Having them physically interact with what they’re seeing will make them retain much more of the information that you want them to. Polls, surveys, and questions to your audience can make them feel much more like a part of your creative process, contributing a lot to that feeling of a connection between the creator and the audience.

Trending Buzzwords and SEO

While it may be tempting to throw keywords and buzzwords into your social copy, consider carefully. If you haplessly dump trending hashtags and popular phrases into your content without giving it thought, it will come across as shameless and look like a blatant attempt to throw your content into the limelight.

Instead, adjust the content and conversation within your social media copywriting in order to have the trending topics fit within it. Tailor your writing around what you want to add into it; don’t just cram in whatever vaguely fits. Altering and adjusting your content for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes is also a smart idea, with the use of keywords, common phrases, adjusting the order of topics by importance or interest, etc.

There are other methods to creating excellent copywriting content, but, like we said, this isn’t a guaranteed formula. That sort of mindset is how you end up with a salesman-like tone in your content, and that’s precisely what you’re trying to avoid. The most important thing to remember is to keep it unique and keep it personal.

Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Content for Different Networks

Remember how we said there’s no single rule that works to boost every kind of social media content? The same is doubly true for different social media networks. The tricks that you use for YouTube won’t work for Instagram, and vice versa.

People have spent the last decade trying to crack how the algorithms of these sites and apps work, so trying to explain them all in a single article would be impossible. Instead, we’re going to share a few tips to keep in mind for these different social media networks.

Social media copywriting needs to be flexible and adaptable, suited to the platforms where the content is used
Social media copywriting needs to be flexible and adaptable, suited to the platforms where the content is used.

The best advice we can give is to tie the style of your social media copywriting to the style of content on that network. Obviously, people expect to find different kinds of content between services like TikTok and YouTube. For TikTok, people want to consume content that’s quick and will get a reaction out of them. You want your copywriting marketing to strike the same chords. Don’t make it long-winded. Keep their attention with short points, brief statements, and an emotional impact.

Use a similar train of thought for YouTube, where people go for more fleshed-out videos, a bit higher quality to the content for the most part, and a more personal connection with most of the creators. As such, they’ll probably expect a bit more of a complete idea from the marketing content that you’re writing. You’ll have their attention for a bit longer (though that doesn’t mean you’re safe to drone on with points and expect to still have them reading), and they’ll expect more detail about every claim or statement you make.

While there’s, of course, a bit more to it than just making the content shorter or longer depending on the platform, such as specific SEO phrases tailored to different networks, you probably get the idea by now. Have the marketing content indicative of what kind of content readers can look forward to from you. Have it be their sample taste, in a sense.

Why Is It Important To Have Professional Social Media Copy?

Another reason is SEO. Most creators understand the importance of optimizing for their platform. However, optimizing your written social content is a whole new challenge. Professional social media copywriting teams are trained and specialized for SEO writing and know exactly how to get your marketing copy to benefit your website’s optimization. You can spend weeks with trial and error trying to see what works, or you can have a team of experts who have dedicated themselves to understanding the process.

Professional social media copywriting teams can make a significant difference in your contents performance
Professional social media copywriting teams can make a significant difference in your contents performance.

The final reason is connection. These expert writers specialize in crafting content that appeals to the users of these social media platforms. These aren’t marketing executives. They’re creatives that know how to speak to the common audiences of these networks. The last thing anyone wants is for their marketing content to come across as a massive corporation trying to get their marketing team to learn how to use “memes” to sell their product to the new age. Trust us, you want to steer as far clear of that as possible.

Social media copywriting teams are trained to write content for almost any platform. Services like Captain Words have groups of writers on hand that specialize in various types of content, audiences, etc. Whether you make travel vlogs or videos of random objects being put into blenders (be careful with those, by the way), Captain Words has writers that know how to speak to your audience.

Final Note

The benefits of a professional social media copywriting team are numerous. Having experts on your side will save you time, energy, and in the long run, money, particularly with high-quality content that will drive attention and engagement to your marketing copy.

Are you looking into a professional writing team for your own marketing content? Contact Captain Words to find out how they can help!

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