How Hiring Topic Experts Can Boost Your Guest Posts

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Hiring topic experts can boost your guest posts, improve SEO, and help increase domain authority

Bloggers, content writers, and all manner of creators alike are beginning to see the benefits of guest posts. As the internet grows into a bigger and more prominent place, it becomes easier and easier to get lost in it. While content-sharing sites do their best to give every user a chance at the spotlight with advanced algorithms determining which works to display, the same can’t be said for individual sites, blogs, and other media spots.

Instead, it’s up to you to fight tooth and nail for your share of the limelight. Don’t worry, though; there are a few methods that many are using with amazing results. One of the most prominent ways of driving traffic and interest to your site or content is through guest posts. This is essentially the practice of providing content to other blogs or sites, with links and hints pointing back to your own website.

This is pretty much a way of leaving a breadcrumb trail from sites with traffic and domain authority back to your own work. You’re utilizing the flow of interest through another website, usually surrounding a similar topic to the field you’re in, and trying to direct some of that your way.

Sounds perfect, right? Well, it’s not quite that straightforward. You can find as many different clients and sites to write content for as you want, but at the end of the day, they’re going to want content. In fact, most of these sites will want unique content from one another. They don’t want you to just send them a copy-and-pasted article that you’ve sent to five other sites. So, how do you generate this much unique content? That’s where the experts come in.

Below, we’ll cover the following:

  • Guest posts and blogs.
  • Enhancing SEO.
  • Why professional teams are necessary.
  • Topic research and saving time.

If you’re looking for outreach content, chances are you’re either interested in this service for your own work, or you’ve already found some sites to share your content with. However, you likely might not have the amount of content to share that they’re looking for yet. If that’s the case, then expert teams and services like Captain Words might just be your solution! Here we’ll cover the basics of both expert teams and writing teams alike, as well as the different kinds of benefits that utilizing these services has on your outreach content.

What Are Guest Posts and Blogs?

First off, let’s dive into what guest posts and outreach articles are exactly. Outreach is the practice of creating content for other sites and bloggers. By working with clients in your same industry, the content you create for them can contain links to your own content wherever you usually create it.

This, in theory, should lead some of the interest from this outreach client back to your work, particularly if they like this content and see that you focus on a subject that their visitors already have an interest in. Obviously, it’s very unlikely that 100% of the audience of this outreached site is going to flock to your content as well. That’s why it’s necessary to reach out to multiple different sites and services. The more ground you can cover, the more you can lead portions of their traffic back to your own content.

Why Guest Posts Are Critical For SEO

Outreach works so well due to the authority behind these sites. These are likely established content creators that carry some weight with their audience. When their content links to your own work, they are essentially endorsing and recommending you to their own audience. The links to your site gain credibility and interest through this, which directly helps your SEO (search engine optimization) by increasing your domain authority.

Experienced writers can create guest posts that are correctly optimized to rank well and funnel traffic to your website
Experienced writers can create guest posts that are correctly optimized to rank well and funnel traffic to your website.

The increase in domain authority is one of the reasons why backlinks and guest posts are so popular. Websites with a higher domain authority are more likely to rank better in Google searches. 

The best part is that, once this influx of traffic starts, it can become self-recurring. It will not always be necessary to try and grab a crowd of your own by piecing together portions of others’ audiences. Instead, you use this method to generate traffic and interest, and once your content is being visited continually, search engines will pay more attention to your content. This makes this technique self-sustainable in the long run. It takes work up front, but the payoff is worth it.

Why Topic Experts and Professional Content Services Can Boost Guest Post Results

Unfortunately, getting quality backlinks through guest posts aren’t as simple as posting random content to other sites and blogs and expecting the traffic to come flooding your way. It’s a fine, delicate process, and sites will often be extremely critical and picky regarding which outreach posts they accept, and which ones they deny.

After all, it’s their site that the guest post is going to be shown on. If you want to benefit from their reputation, they’ll expect you to uphold it. The more prestigious the client, the more critical they will be of the content you’re offering.

This is why topic experts and professional services are practically vital. If you’re working with a high-authority website, or especially if you’re working with multiple, you’ll need to spend hours researching the subject tirelessly and further time actually writing the content. Depending on the amount of unique content required, the process could eat up hours or even days. So, where do experts and professional services come into the equation?

Topic Experts

These are people who have already done the work of researching your chosen subject, likely to extreme ends. Individuals who have dedicated themselves to a certain field will have had far more time to learn everything about your topic than you possibly could have, especially if you create content for a broader range of subjects.

Hiring topic experts can boost your guest posts, improve SEO, and help increase domain authority
Hiring topic experts can boost your guest posts, improve SEO, and help increase domain authority.

As such, these experts are extremely handy to be able to work with. Articles read in a much more articulate and helpful flow when they’re written by someone who lives and breathes the subject. If your readers are deeply interested in the topic you’re tackling, they’ll want to see the expertise for themselves.

Supplying a Content Demand

Writers, writers, writers. At the end of the day, if you’re trying to fill massive content quotas for these sites and blogs, you’re going to realize that your time is finite. Creating that much unique content will drain the hours of your day that you would likely rather spend on your own content. As such, writers are vital to the guest posting process.

For example, Forbes gets its content from over 1,500 contributors. Some sites have even more writers contributing to their content, allowing them to put out fresh content daily. Unfortunately, that also means that you’ll need to beat out a lot of competition. However, you’ll also need a strong team to consistently supply you with quality guest posts.

Professional writers worth their salt will be able to pump out excellent quality content for these websites on your behalf. Given instructions on the kind of content you expect from them, they will be able to create articles around the subject at a far faster rate than any single person could hope to. Especially when you are offering content to multiple sites, a larger number of writers quickly becomes a necessity, not a luxury.

Professional Content Services

Now to the real meat and potatoes, professional content services. These are teams of writers and experts that are built to be able to offer the benefits of both roles. Teams like Captain Words are scalable so as to offer different-sized teams in accordance with the size of the project. No matter how many clients you’re trying to create content for, these services are able to supply enough experts and writers to be able to create a generous amount of thorough, professional content for all of them.

Hiring a professional service to provide you with guest posts is the best way to get results
Hiring a professional service to provide you with guest posts is the best way to get results.

Services like this save you time and money, and they come with additional perks and benefits. For example, these teams will know how to correctly optimize your article in order to get the most out of it. These teams specialize in SEO and editing, and are able to refine and polish your article using keywords and key phrases to boost your content’s searchability and user retention. As such, the content they write will be not only thorough, accurate, and easy to read, but also efficient in gaining as much traffic and viewership as possible.

These services put together all the pieces for you when it comes to making this practice work. They’ll handle the expert knowledge on the subject, the writing, and all of the coordination between the two teams that happens behind the scenes. All you have to do is tell them the kind of content you want, how you want it, and how much you need. They handle the rest.

In Conclusion

We hope this has helped shed some light on the benefits and importance of experts and writers when outsourcing your content to clients. This practice can be one of the best ways to gain traction and authority through utilizing other audiences than just your own. However, the work can be taxing, and not everyone has the time and energy to dedicate themselves to writing work for someone else. While a team isn’t a necessity to start with work like this, it’s a bit of a cap on the quantity and quality of work that you can put out.

For many, outreach content is just not sustainable as a one-person task. But it is sustainable with a team.

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