VR Is Coming, But Are iGaming Affiliates Ready For The Challenge?

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VR is Coming But Are iGaming Affiliates Ready For It?

Virtual Reality isn’t a new concept. It’s been in the video gaming world for a few years now, while science fiction books and films have envisioned them for decades. Casino game developers have been testing a few VR slots for the last three years, but it seems as if 2020 will be a big step forward in this regard.

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have ruined many lives and businesses, it also opened the door for innovation. VR is not only progressing for casino slots and table games but for sports betting too. It’s set the scene for how the show does go on, even when there’s social distancing.

Are you ready for VR casinos as an iGaming affiliate? What should you expect, and how will it affect your business? Let’s take a look at the impact and possible future of VR in the gambling universe.

VR iGaming

The Rise Of VR Casinos

VR casinos provide an immersive experience, making it feel like you’re standing right in front of the slot machine and pulling at the reel handle. The audio aspect lets you talk to other players in the virtual space, while there’s the potential to order food from the canteen. Some of this technology is already available in some form or another in land-based casinos.

What makes VR casinos so exciting is that the location doesn’t have to be planet Earth. If a VR casino developer obtained the right permissions, you might find yourself in Canto Bight from the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ movie. With imagination transformed into reality, the possibilities are limitless.

NetEnt has led the way with showcasing Gonzo’s Quest as one of their first VR slot tests. It appeared at the 2018 ICE Totally Gaming show, where the game development company presented what was possible with the technology. Since then, we’ve seen more VR slots appear in land-based casino game rooms.

Table games are next in line to receive the VR treatment. Microgaming launched VR Roulette to see how well gamblers would accept it and what they should focus on in terms of improvement. Other possibilities include VR poker tournaments, where you can sit in a gaming room and play poker against players worldwide.

VR casinos provide an excellent opportunity for iGaming affiliates to enlarge their product portfolio. Not only will you be able to review new VR games, but you could write about the latest VR technologies that offer the best experiences. If you’re with the right affiliate programs, it means valuable links to VR tech in your partners’ catalogs.

Land-based Vs. Online VR Casinos

Of course, the greatest benefit of VR iGaming is that you don’t need to leave your home to enjoy the experience. There’s cause for fear for land-based casino owners that it will result in their facilities ending up empty. What’s more, it can extensively impact affiliate businesses that partnered with them.

Let’s take a brief look at the differences between land-based and VR casinos and how it may affect your affiliate program.

Winning Potential

No matter how you choose to gamble, your chances of winning on the same slot game in VR or land-based casinos will be the same. The VR technology doesn’t change the fact that operators must abide by the rules set out by the relevant gambling authority. You’ll still see RTP rates and volatility for each game you attempt.

Where you will find a difference is in the house’s profit margin and the types of bonuses on offer. The operator will try to recover the new technology costs while enticing new members with extravagant welcome packages. Additionally, you may mind different wagering contributions towards the bonus for VR games.

Therefore, VR casinos will provide new iGaming promo opportunities for affiliates. As the latest tech floods the gambling industry, you’ll be very busy setting up new links and content. The only question is whether your affiliate strategy is ready for the challenge.

Social Connection

Humans love being social. Extroverts enjoy mingling with others, and part of the gambling experience is mixing it up with the dealer and other players. It activates all five senses, such as the touch of the cards, the casino’s scent, the taste of a shaken martini while watching the other baccarat players.

While VR only allows you to integrate your sight into the experience, it still affects your brain’s chemicals. Sexy avatars will even appeal to you, or the wink from another online player will send chills up your spine. It may even be a rewarding social experience for introverts, who aren’t really present in a physical casino.

In essence, your iGaming affiliate business will gain a new audience. If real money gambling starts reaching gaming platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox, a whole new marketing world will open up to you. You’ll also see new players coming out of their shell to try their hand at betting.

Technology Costs

The aspect of new platforms leads us to look at the costs of land-based tech vs. VR casinos. Each one has a separate list of expenses. Let’s have a quick breakdown of both.


  • Traveling
  • Food and drink, which costs more at the venue than at home
  • Game fees
  • Accommodation in some cases
  • Merchandise purchases

Virtual Reality

  • Once-off tech prices, such as the headset and data glove
  • Game fees

You may have to pay a lot for the VR tech, but it’s a once-off cost. Regularly visiting gambling facilities can leave a hole in your wallet, depending on whether you spend more on other items than gambling.

The reason we mention these benefits is that it will form part of your affiliate marketing strategy. We’ve mentioned before that you can link to tech products from your partner programs. You can also advertise these advantages as a way of gaining more affiliate clicks.


With the current COVID-19 situation, popularity has switched from land-based to online casinos. Many facilities had to shut down completely, specifically in cities where there were entire lockdowns. It led to more players logging onto the internet and signing up with online casinos.

It sets the stage for the upcoming virtual reality games in the iGaming industry. The cloud technology that’s currently in development for improvement will pave the way for VR networking opportunities. Furthermore, we suspect we’ll see some advancements regarding watching live streams and esports betting to integrate it with virtual reality.

You’ll need to keep an eye on this shift in popularity for your iGaming affiliate business. You don’t want to miss out on the peak, where promos and valuable links will storm the online world. The same applies for when augmented and mixed reality tech hits casinos, which we’ll touch on a bit later.

Entertainment Value

Judging a casino’s fun factor is subjective. Every gambler has a different experience based on what they enjoy. Some prefer the authentic feel of walking through a real casino, while others will be satisfied with putting a headset on and pretending they’re there.

Of course, VR provides entertainment better in other aspects. When it comes to fantasy settings, seeing 3D characters based on your favorite books or movies may be better than someone dressed up as them. In the end, you’ll be promoting the entertainment value to land-based and VR players in different ways when planning your affiliate strategy.


Each casino version has various security elements to consider. Sure, you won’t be robbed or get into physical fights with VR. Both should have the same security measures in place regarding your personal details and payment information.

However, there’s always the risk that other players will find ways to mistreat you. In the case of VR, it includes the threat of verbal abuse, which is a constant factor in online video games. At least you can switch off your headset or leave the online casino, which might not be possible when attacked at a land-based one.

VR iGaming

Augmented and Mixed Reality

VR isn’t the only technology that’s coming to casinos. Developers are also busy looking at Augmented Reality. It not only includes the visual quality of the games but attempts to invest in the other senses. You can sit in a casino game room and feel the table games, smelling the sweet scent of an avatar’s perfume.

Mixed Reality takes aspects of AR and VR and combines them. The only issue with this tech is that it’s extremely expensive, and you’ll still have to travel to game rooms to enjoy them. Of course, multi-billionaires are the exception who can afford to build AR casino rooms on their property.

Are Blockchain and VR The Future Of iGaming?

We want to take a moment to discuss a prediction that you’ll need to keep in mind as an affiliate. Cryptocurrencies have quickly become one of the top payment methods in online casinos. There are tons of benefits, including instant payouts, lower betting fees, and anonymous blockchain wallets.

VR casinos may become the ultimate gambling experience within the next few years. When considering the security of virtual reality betting, crypto may be the way forward for quicks deposit and secure wagering. Are we in line for a future where VR and blockchain will rule the iGaming industry?

If so, remember that we called it. You can now take advantage of our prophecy by investing in affiliate programs dealing with crypto and VR markets. You can thank us later.

The VR Elements To Look As An iGaming Affiliate

We know that there’s a lot of information in this article for you to consider. Trust us when we say that, in the next year, there’ll be so much more to look forward to regarding VR casinos. When it comes to incorporating it in your affiliate strategy, that time is now.

So what should you be looking at in terms of user intent in your affiliate program? Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • What type of games do players enjoy?
  • Which VR casinos offer the best variety?
  • What is the player’s budget, and which games provide the best return on investment?
  • Is the player willing to invest in a decent VR headset or data glove?
  • Would the gamblers enjoy speaking to others online or having a solo experience?
  • Do they only want to play games, or are they interested in the complete experience (food, music, drinks, etc.)?
  • Whether they’ll wager enough to earn loyalty rewards?
  • What type of VR casino bonuses are available, and are they worth wagering?
VR iGaming

Pros And Cons Of iGaming VR

You may still be on the bench on whether you should get involved with VR casinos as an iGaming affiliate. The gambling world is moving forward, and you need to decide if you’re moving with it or staying behind. To help you with your decision, here are some pros and cons which you can integrate with your strategy.

Excellent social element, especially for players who enjoy chatting online.Not as social as the real thing.
A VR casino will always be aware of your presence and how many are betting.Limited in how many places you can use the tech.
Live chat will let you speak to the dealer and ask specific questions about the game.Expensive outlay and maintenance costs for the operator and player the equipment.
The potential for a greater game selection with more immersion in fantasy settings than is currently available.You may spend more funds gambling with VR than the standard online casino.
Presents something new so that the gambling industry doesn’t go stale.Your perception of the surrounding real world will be absent, which could be risky.
Perfect for introverts who would like to experience the casino atmosphere for the first time. It’s easier to become addicted to gambling if you use VR tech too often.

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