What Kind Of Video Game Content Can You Outsource?

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What video game content can you outsource

There are many steps involved in creating a video game for both independent and large-scale developers in this ever-growing industry, and marketing it can be even more complex. When developing any new gaming title, outsourcing the work can speed up the work process and save money. Marketers and gaming affiliates also use video game content to generate an income. However, as with all content, it can be a time consuming and challenging process. That’s why many developers and marketers outsource their content to professional third parties.

In this article, we’ll cover the three main points:

  • What is video game content?
  • What type of video game content can you outsource?
  • The benefits of outsourcing your video game copywriting to a professional content service.

What Is Video Game Content?

Video game content includes all the media within a game, from visuals to written text such as the story or dialogue. The various areas of work require multiple departments to work together in creating a finished product. Here we’ll look at the various areas that fall under the umbrella term of video game content.

What video game content can you outsource
What video game content can you outsource? Almost anything! Even popular games outsource much of their content creation.

Written Content

Written content often includes the story or plot of a video game; a significant aspect that impacts game reviews for story-driven titles. The written story gives life and immerses players in the world created. However, some titles skip this aspect entirely, forgoing the story for other aspects, such as mechanics. 

Along with a strong, creative, and unique plotline, the quests also aim to immerse adventuring into the in-game world. A well-worded and detailed quest can capture a player’s attention far more than a hastily-written set of instructions without flavoring or meaning behind it.

Written content in games also includes dialogue and scripted interactions between characters. Additionally, there’s the lore; the backbone of a world. It’s the information that helps keep fans engaged in the video game content.

Visual Media

The finished design of all concept art, visuals range from the world players walk upon to the character they play as. The visuals can be just as crucial to a game’s review as its mechanics. This content requires care but can sometimes get overlooked when designing titles for older or lower-end systems.


Coding, through a game engine or scripting, creates the mechanics of any title. The code gives life to all the interactions a player sees within the game, from starting a dialogue to attacking enemies and tracking the story.

Concept design

Concept design is the backbone of any video game’s content. Without concept art, there’d be no characters, landscapes, or basic designs to follow when carving out the details of a title. These references ensure that a video game is coherent and without any “holes” in its design or plot.

What Types of Gaming Content Can You Outsource?

There are many areas of video game content that you can outsource to professionals. These items can include art, hiring an artist to create concept art of characters or locations in their style, and having someone create an RPG title’s entire story. Many areas of game design benefit from outsourcing, both by saving money and bringing in fresh ideas.

Video Game Copywriting

Video game copywriting is a great way to outsource and speed up the process of your game’s development, as well as potentially save you money. Video game copywriting is a simple way to pump life into the world players quickly explore, offering lore and mysteries to discover.


In video game reviews, the plot often plays a significant part. When tackling this part of the video game copywriting process, you’ll need to ensure that you present a well-structured outline that helps the narrative match the rest of your game.


Dialogue is the conversation between characters. Depending on the type of game you’re creating, this aspect of video game content may influence your visuals or audio. Dialogue can present a few challenges when outsourced, since it’s often integral to the plot. It’s crucial to convey the personalities of your characters to the video game copywriting team.


As an integral part of any role-playing title, quests can quickly become tedious to write. They can range from simple fetch-and-deliver tasks for non-player characters to slaying hordes of enemies for glory. However, the way it’s presented can affect the immersion of your players, and how they experience your storyline overall.

Skyrim's quests are an example of quest video game content writing
Skyrim’s quests are an example of quest video game content writing. It’s also a game based in a world with extensive lore that’s been developing and growing since 1994.

Having this item of video game content outsourced, the writer must understand the story to ensure they stay close to your game’s narrative.


For many story-driven games, having lore is essential for creating a fleshed-out world that players can explore. Having myths and ruins, folktales, and fables within your narrative helps deepen the player’s engagement and make the world come alive. Additionally, lore is a great building block for any new ideas or aspects you want to add to your game.

Outsourcing lore is a quick and straightforward task, as you can have many sources create new pieces of lore, each unique and vivid. Additionally, background lore often won’t impact any of the elements of a game’s overarching narrative. 

Instructional Content

Tutorials are an essential part of many games, even though they often get skipped by many gamers. For anyone new to games or your title’s genre, this article offers an essential insight into the mechanics of your product. 

Gaming Content for Marketers and Affiliates

Not all video game content is for developers. Once a game is created and published, players quickly begin searching for relevant content. These can range from reviews (should I buy this game?) to walkthroughs. These articles are essential for any game, significantly as game reviews influence the awareness of a title.

If you own or run a video game review blog or website, you can also outsource content to professionals.


Game reviews impact how any potential player first sees a game before purchasing it. Having positive reviews that emphasize and talk about what your title does well can increase the chance of bringing in a new player. For marketers and blog owners, reviews are a great way to embed affiliate links.

Keep in mind that, even if your post is sponsored, honesty is key. It’s better to have players buy the game through your review or affiliate link without giving them false information – they may regret it and avoid your reviews in the future.

Outsourcing your reviews can prevent these types of situations, allowing you to post honest reviews from an outside party.

Tutorials and walkthroughs

For challenging games, a guide or instructional piece can help boost game recognition, and many gaming websites focus solely on providing tutorials and walkthroughs for specific games. For affiliate marketers and publishers, a thorough guide written by a professional video game content writer can be a potential revenue gold mine.

Press releases

A press release showcases your video game and its content to the world. This release significantly impacts how your title or new updates are received and can impact future sales and brand reputation. A well-written and detailed press release with plenty of visuals will draw in more potential players.

Translation and Localization

As the gaming industry continues to expand, so are the reaches of many popular titles. This expansion makes localization and translation a must in many cases, even if these only come as future updates after a title’s release. 

Localization and translation allow the title to receive honest game reviews in different languages and locations, spreading awareness and increasing potential players.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Video Game Copywriting to A Professional Content Service

There are many reasons to take your video game copywriting to a professional content writing service. We have experienced writers, and we perform many checks to ensure your request is fulfilled at the highest level of quality. 

Experienced Writers

Our writers have years of experience with video game copywriting. Additionally, our writers love to game and carry this love into their work, ensuring your product is carefully written.

Translation and Localization

Our professional team for translation and localization means having native speakers translate your title from English into the required language. When placing your order with us, select the language you need from our list of over 60 available languages. Our writers are all skilled in translation and localization, as well as producing multilingual content.

Professional content agencies can provide localized multilingual content
Professional content agencies can provide localized multilingual content.


SEO affects how well a webpage shows up on any search engine. We have many years of experience writing with SEO in mind and can provide keywords, anchor links, and many more checks to ensure your game’s review shows up on the front page of Google’s search results.


Our writers strike a balance on the fine line of providing information and telling a story to readers. Our writers interact with the reader, calling them to action without taking away from the details of a game review or other video game copywriting piece.


Easing your workload by having some of your video game content copyrighted is a simple task. Outsourcing the work can save both time and money and allow you to receive fresh ideas to use with your narrative. Hire a copywriter to ease your workload and increase your game’s recognition.

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